While spending time at college might be a memory which will not fade away from your mind, there are other things besides just the experience of studying in an institution and living a student’s life. Students while studying at college come across tremendous emotions and excitement as well as most importantly a learning which stays with them for life. However, there are problems that each student faces during their time at college. Most students face all kinds of unique problems in their lives, but some of them are very common among all.

College is a place where most people would want to go back again and again, but the problems as a student will also remain the same. The problems that these students face are also a blessing in a way, because it teaches them to fight with all the challenges that will come in the future in even bigger and tougher forms. College life is an unforgettable learning and experience, after a hard work research, we are going to talk about four major and most common challenges that become a part of all students’ life who are studying in college, especially the first year at college. Follow the next four sections of our article.

Study itself

College is a much more advanced level and students, who are new at it, fail to realize or be mentally prepared for it. Many times, it is the mistake of a schooling institution, not to mentally prepare students for advanced stages of college life. Studying in college, requires double the effort that was put in school and much more complex understanding of everything else. Number of courses also increases and their assignments double up. Deadlines are short and there is high pressure to perform. Combine all this for freshmen student, college study becomes the number one problem for them.

Money and Finance

Another major cause of stress for many students is the money matters and financing. Many students are there on student loans and instability in their financial expenditure keeps burdening them with a hefty sum of money, which needs to be repaid as soon as they graduate. This becomes a major stress trigger, which not only impacts their academic performance, but also their health at times and motivation to continue studying. If the stress becomes too much and finance worries pile up unfortunately many students drop out of colleges.


As soon as you enter the college, competition to land the most amazing job will begin. Students will work hard to get credentials on to their resumes in order to make them eligible for advanced roles in academia. This is another form of stress that students have to face as they move on to later years in the college education.


For students studying abroad, homesickness becomes a major issue. When you are alone for the first time and living independently, sometimes you start missing your family and home, which can have a major impact on you. Students, who suffer such homesickness, tend to be very disruptive in their studies and moods.



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