by Aimon Tanvir Malghani


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O you, the man screaming for autonomy! Why are you so obsessed with liberty? You think of freedom to be your bread and butter? Is it capable enough to give you whatever you want? Can freedom lead you anywhere you want?

Man is born free.” Wrong and the most deceptive statement to mankind! Men are not born free. They are tied and chained at every step; at every path; and at every destination. You cannot see or touch those chains. They are unseen. If someone argues that unseen means non-existent, he questions the existence of God. No religion in the world operates without a God.  The chains are abstract. If someone argues, abstract is equivalent to absence, he challenges the reality of feelings that do exist in all of us. The fact is that actually you do not want to accept or perhaps cannot face the reality of being chained.

Take a scenario; you are a very successful person in your life. You live in a big and luxuriously house; eat whatever you want; sleep whenever you like; and go wherever you wish. Hold on! You think your monetary status is all that counts? Fine, try counting you money while you hold your breath! Oh you take it for granted; the air without which you cannot live. Leave air. You are blessed with a son. Unfortunately, he is mentally retarded. Can your money impair his disabilities? What can you do for him? You are bound to accept things as they are. You cannot change them. Now consider you are in a hospital and had a really bad accident of which you cannot survive for long. Can you ask the doctor or God to take all your money and give some more moments of life? No! You cannot. You are tied to the destiny.

Many great people wrote about the freedom. Most of them ignored the existence of unseen boundaries and thought of freedom to be ultimate while in reality, it is nothing more than an illusion like the illusion which a magician shows you on the stage of a theatre and you watch it because you want to see and enjoy. Things are usually fanaticized in this world and so is the concept of freedom. Freedom and independence seem to be fairy tales to those who do not have them; cause boastfulness and pride in those who have it; and I am indifferent as I do not believe in freedom. It has never existed and neither will it. Talking of a small scale, a sensible child does not do what his parents dislike or forbid then how can you expect the world to free of the ties and knots of reliance. Man is tied to the chains of religion, confined in the boundaries of the society; and tangled in the fantasies created by his own mind.


By:   Aimon Malghani

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