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Words of Wisdom

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My birthday just past by and one of the most amazing presents that I had received was a gift from my project leader. That’s what I would like to share today through this article. He gave me the present of “words of wisdom”, something that may change the way I live my life. Let’s take a short journey through the road of “wisdom”, as I interpret it.

Find your abilities and ambitions…

Analyze yourself and get to know who you are. You must know your strength, abilities and ambitions. Do what you love or try to love what you do. Find the balanced tradeoff between wealth and desire. And make sure that you vividly differentiate between work ambitions and hobbies. The reflection of a satisfactory work life is the excitement that you get every day while you are on your way to work.

Plan activities for a seamless process of improvement…

Once you have found the right path for yourself, plan your today and future. Pave the ways that will help you to polish your abilities and be the best in the future. If you are lousy and you do not plan to improve yourself, you may end up having a huge guilt of “could have done” and in turn unhappiness.

Don’t let negative thoughts make you unhappy…

Always try to have a positive approach toward life. Find happiness in what you have achieved and keep on moving forward. Stay motivated, stay inspired. Negativity brings hopelessness which kills creativity, productivity and the striving attitude.

Don’t compare yourself with others all the time…

Every now and then, the thought of your old friends/colleagues living a life better than you will come to your mind. Even if you don’t like to compare yourself with others, there will be people around you who’ll keep on reminding that to you from time to time. Ignore the feeling of jealousy when that comparison happens. Rather, learn from the decisions and hard work of successful people, and keep going forward. Focus on what you want from life. You will get what you want if you are on the right track.

Don’t regret, only learn…

Have a short glance at your past, but only to learn and not to regret. The secret of a happy life is no regrets. Learn and move on. Remember, there should be no regrets but only lessons.

Live in today…

Do not think about the past all the time. What you could have done and which decision went wrong? Continuously thinking about the things that “could” have been done is not a healthy activity. Rather, live in today and make the best of what life has given you. Find the door to your happiness and then live the life to the fullest, after all happiness is what we all are looking for.

Don’t underestimate yourself…

Build up your personality and learn to be confident. Never underestimate yourself and always continue the process of learning. Be a student of life. Nobody is perfect and we all have our ups and downs in life. What’s important is that you learn to pick yourself up after every fall. Use the confidence to enhance your qualities and keep working on the characteristics you need to improve. Be a better person everyday from the yourself of yesterday.

Its easier said than done but…

Its true that its always easier said than done. But life does not have to be so hard. The choices you make in life will make a big difference at the end. Love, work and enjoy.

Stay happy, stay blessed!

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