by Aimon Tanvir Malghani

When the Hope Fades out

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A time comes in a year, with the shifting of seasons, when the warm rays of sun are missed; when the visibility is reduced; and when fog surrounds your environment or the thick black clouds of hopelessness and despair cover the sky above you. At those moments, one feels his life like a long foggy night of winter; cold and dry. A condition of sleeplessness and desolation prevails. Reasons vary from person to person depending upon the circumstances but it actually happens to almost every one of us.

I have a theory about life; my own theory. I think of life as a circle. There is a circle of your life and a circle of my life. Similarly, every person has its own circle. In our life span, we interact with many people; parents, siblings, spouse, friends, children, relatives and acquaintances. Their life circles are sometimes very far; sometimes just touch ours; sometimes it intersects; may cover half or more than half of your life but no circle can exactly fit over yours. People come and go. Some stay for a while, others may walk with you for years on the roads to destiny. The fact remains, no one stands with you from your birth till you are dead.

Practically speaking, the point is valid. This perception of my mind taught me not to expect from people in life. It also made me capable of standing bravely in various circumstances. There are points when are left all alone. Those are the moments that test your ability and strength. When you depend on some person, you can never become strong. You have to be independent in your thoughts and acts in order to live; in order to make a mark; and in order to design a life of your dreams. When you feel lonely, just think that there is a circle, a very big circle that holds in it the circles of all people. That is the circle of the divine powers of Allah Almighty. He is always there whether someone else is or not.So put all you faith in Him and He will surely guide you.

Holy Qura’n says:

” And never give up hope of Allah’s soothing mercy; truly no one despairs of Allah’s soothing mercy except those who have no faith ”   ( Surah Yusuf 12:87)


By : Aimon Malghani


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