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What time is it now? Confusion reigns in Turkey as no one knows whether the clocks have gone back or not

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For most of the countries which operate daylight saving time during the summer, Sunday morning’s changing of the clocks went ahead without much commotion.

But in Turkey, the government’s decision to delay the addition of an hour because of the country’s upcoming elections has sparked confusion among members of the public.

Many in Turkey reported that their smartphones and other electronic devices automatically updated in keeping with other countries in the Eastern European Time zone.

That’s despite the fact that the government’s ICT authority had decreed a two week delay to the end of daylight saving time, so that there would be more daylight in the evening of the national elections on 1 November.

The confusion over whether or not the clocks had changed saw the phrase “What time is it now?” trending on Turkey across Twitter, according to the BBC… see more

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