by Aimon Tanvir Malghani

What Heart Choose to Do

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There she stood; overwhelmed by the dark shadows of negative emotions. She was feeling like a fish out of her waters; like some piece of shit sorted and thrown out of milk; or like the junk of sugarcane when all the juice has been spitted out of it drop after drop. Yet, she stood; senseless and full of deep emotions at the same time.

She thought over the things again and again and from every single dimension and frame. Yes! It was her mistake, she realized. It was her fault to be sugarcane so that people may spit out the juice and throw her away in the garbage bin. Being good does not do any good to you anyway, she thought hopelessly. Desperate in her thinking, pessimistic in approaches, and wild in emotions, she decided something. She decided to get rid of all these shitty feelings and rubbish thoughts.

What can be done under such circumstances; when the whole world revolves in front of your eyes, people joke about, time passes and life goes on? What can she do to make it worth living, not just taking breaths in and out? What therapy can prove to best to control the steady and desolate flow of emotions and can take away the whirling shadows of despair? The only way she could think of was writing, writing and writing. People are more creative when they are emotionally most vulnerable.

So, she started to write, in a diary at first. All she thought or imagined was now passed on to the paper and she started feeling better. As her thoughts were provoked by more knowledge and reading, doors of wisdom were opened to her, windows of mind drew wider and she started sharing it with people.  Here she is now; a writer and a writer by choice not by fate or lack of luck to become something else.

Yes! This is my story and my reality.


By: Aimon Tanvir Malghani

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