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What BI platform works best for your business

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Business Intelligence (bi) Platforms:

Starting and successfully running a business with Business Intelligence (bi) Platforms is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding things. As you go through the process. One of the challenges you will face is that you will not have the economic muscle to leverage the power of technology and specifically big data, the way that your counterparts in the big businesses will do. You will, therefore, have to choose business intelligence tools carefully so that you can incorporate those with maximum gains for the least cost. Here are some BI platforms that are ideal for small and mid-level businesses.

Sisense Software

Sisense BI software is ranked among the top software of its kind. It was developed by Sisense, and it allows you to prepare, explore and analyze data from many sources. The data which is presented on the software’s dashboard forms a great basis to make business solutions and sound business strategic plans. Features which make it stand out include:

  • Minimal TOC
  • Effective CPU Cache memory use
  • Data crunching and diverse data granularity
  • API-first approach to developers
  • Single stack architecture

Google BigQuery   

The thing that sets apart software which is put together by Google is the fact that it is well structured and has all the functionalities that you need to help you analyze your business data. Google BigQuery features:

  • A serverless service model
  • An opinionated storage engine
  • Enterprise-grade data sharing
  • Dremel execution engine and standard SQL
  • Streaming and batch ingest
  • IAM, authentication and audit logs

There are many benefits which come with using BigQuery. First is the fact that Google takes security very seriously. All data is encrypted when in transit. Then, there is efficiency and concurrency, self-optimizing storage, and of course the efficient and cloud-native pricing which is perfect for the startup. Even though it takes a while to actually learn Big Query and apply it appropriately, the time you take to assimilate it is truly worth the results.

Tableau BI software for Business Intelligence (bi) Platforms:

Tableau is another software which has its own fair share of users. The platform is made in a way that makes it easy to share, connect and visualize data through the PC or tablet computers. The software is so well optimized that it allows for group analytics, which keeps all the users in the loop about everything that is happening. The app is so efficient that users can make use of it from practically anywhere as it has an attached and free mobile application. The features that make it stand out:

  • Variety which includes a 32 bit and 64-bit version of the product
  • SAML authentication for ease of third party use.
  • Ability for web authoring on mobile devices
  • Ability to connect from one dashboard to another

SAP Crystal Reports   

This is a BI software which is specifically meant to work with databases, filter and collate data and present it for analysis and interpretation. It is best suited for reporting of current and upcoming tasks. It uses crosstabs, formulas and conditional formatting to dig into data relationships and get to what is less than common. Below that the features which you will like about this software for your small business:

  • The reports produced are richly formatted and available in 24 languages
  • Intuitive tools to create detailed analysis
  • The creation of the most compelling data mashups
  • The technology used is highly embedded
  • It has the ability to detect changes in conditions and trends as early as possible.

These are just a few of the BI software that are best suited for small businesses. Other software which is in this category and is just as good for the job include MicroStrategy, Challengers, Salesforce, and IBM among others. When choosing a software for your small business, bear in mind that you will not be in a position to have elaborate training on how it is used and choose the easiest to learn and user-friendly platform. With the right software, your dependence on the IT guys to analyze and present data will be a thing of the past. These were the Business Intelligence (bi) Platforms that works well.


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