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USA: Texas charter school accused of racism

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Houston – A Texas charter school is being sued for racism by parents of black students who were forced to scrub dirty toilets with nothing but disinfectant wipes and who were allegedly told to move to the back of the line because that is “where blacks belong.”
Harmony Science Academy NW is the defendant in a lawsuit filed by parents Darrell and Donna Davis on behalf of their 8-year-old daughter, identified only as “L,” who the suit claims was the victim of racism. Courthouse News Service reports that the Davises “began to notice extreme moods of sadness and withdrawal from their daughter,” who “began to express horror at returning to Harmony Science Academy and that she wanted to transfer” in late 2010. The little girl said she was repeatedly prohibited from going to the bathroom and as a result she urinated in her pants. “L” also alleges that a physical education teacher, T. Brans, pulled her out of a line and told her to go to the back of the queue.
When “L” innocently asked why, Brans allegedly told her, “because she was black and that black people should be in the back of the line.” When “L” reported this to teacher Stephanie Subirats, she allegedly refused to offer any help. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Subirats attempted to retaliate against “L” by giving her failing grades until she realized that she was being sued. The Davises also allege that Principal Bulent Coban “has acted with indifference and has numerous complaints of discrimination towards minorities.” KHOU did an October 2011 story about black Harmony Science students being forced to scrub toilets with disinfectant wipes and no gloves as punishment for being late to class. “It was gross,” one fourth-grade victim told the station.


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