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Upgrading Digital Security Offers a Superior Return of Investment

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There are a number of reasons why small businesses make inviting targets for hackers and cyber criminals. Organizations that make every effort to improve their security may be spared the higher costs and lasting damage to their brand, reputation or image that may occur due to a breach. Knowing how to upgrade security and being able to determine which issues represent the most pressing threats, as well as where to find the assistance and solutions that will make the biggest difference, ensures that businesses are able to direct their efforts and finances in ways that will produce the best results.

Employee Education

Properly training all staff and associates that will be using the network or given access to a digital working environment is perhaps the single most effective way that small businesses may be able to improve security. Unsafe browsing habits and poorly selected passwords are common vulnerabilities that are frequently exploited in order to gain access to a network or system. The relatively small cost needed to educate and train their staff can allow businesses to avoid the far greater expense that is often required to deal with a breach after the fact.

Security Software, Firewalls and Network Monitoring

The full range and number of digital security resources that may be found is impressive and businesses that wish to invest in feature-rich applications or sophisticated security software may be able to enjoy a number of potential benefits. Monitoring online activity, identifying and isolating suspicious files and downloads before they can do harm and ensuring that those seeking to gain unauthorized access to a network are less likely to do so may all be easier concerns for those who have access to the right resources. Incorporating the latest digital security solutions into an online working environment or an existing computer network is often a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of a future breach or cyber attack.

Securing Mobile Devices

Allowing users to access a system through use of a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device is a potential security risk that often goes overlooked. There are numerous ways that hackers may be able to utilize the unique operating system of a mobile device in order to exploit a potential vulnerability. Ensuring that all devices and computer systems that make up a network have been properly examined and upgraded in order to eliminate potential security vulnerabilities is always a smart move. From updating the firmware to downloading the right security app, there are plenty of ways that mobile devices may be made safer and more secure.

Taking Advantage of Professional Resources and Solutions

Professional IT services, such as a security assessment or MDR options, can help to improve overall security as well as ensuring that businesses have the resources and expertise needed to deal with specific issues. Relying solely on their in-house talent and available resources could find many small businesses, especially those that maintain a limited staff, hard pressed to protect themselves. While the added costs of contracting with a security professional may give some owners pause, the peace of mind and reduced risk of a breach is often well worth the modest service fees and other expenses that may be involved.

Staying Ahead of Emerging Threats

Small business owners who assume digital security concerns are only a one-time expense could be making a very serious mistake. Ongoing investments and long-term efforts are essential for ensuring that businesses and other organizations are able to stay one step ahead of any emerging threats. Learning more about any additional solutions and resources that may be required or taking advantage of helpful tips that can allow for more effective short and long-term security efforts can really pay off. Investing in the security of their data and network may provide a greater payoff and return of investment than many business owners might have thought possible.


by: Lee Flynn

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