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UNICEF, Target team up to sell kids’ fitness bands that help save lives

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Forget your Fitbits and Jawbones — there’s a new fitness wearable on the market, and it can actually help save the world.

UNICEF announced a new partnership with Target on Tuesday to sell a child-friendly fitness band, which helps kids in the U.S. become more active while at the same time saving the lives of malnourished children around the world.

The UNICEF Kid Power program revolves around the wearable fitness tracker and its accompanying mobile app, challenging kids to reach various fitness goals and also learn about new cultures. These actions earn them points that “unlock” life-saving therapeutic food packets, which UNICEF then delivers to families with severely malnourished children in developing countries.

The partnership is an expansion of the successful pilot program in three select cities earlier this year. Approximately 12,000 students in Boston, Dallas and New York collectively walked more than 500,000 miles in March 2015, providing 188,850 food packets for 1,259 malnourished children… see more

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