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Tourism cashing in on ‘babymoon’ boom thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey

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With experts predicting a boom due to the phenomenal sales of the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey fiction trilogy, Tourism Queensland operators are ready to cash in on the state’s sexual awakening.

Operators from the Gold Coast to the Great Barrier Reef are busy rustling up “babymoon” packages for an influx of expectant mums.

With 2.7 million ebook and print copies of the “mummy porn” novel sold nationwide, culture expert British Professor Ellis Cashmore is predicting a population explosion.


Australian social commentator David Chalke told The Sunday Mail it would be logical to expect a baby boom.

According to David Kennedy, of Witches Falls Cottages at Mt Tamborine: “We are hopeful that there will be an increase of expectant couples as a flow-on from this book craze.”

But not all offshoots of the Fifty Shades of Grey novels phenomenon are being welcomed.

“Onesies” designed for the predicted baby boom have been labelled “tacky, tasteless and a new low in consumerism”.

Available for Australians to buy online for $14, the suits for newborn to toddler are emblazoned with slogans relating to the fiction trilogy written by E.L. James.

“All Mommy wanted was a night with Mr Grey” and “Courtesy of Mr Grey” and “Team Grey” are just some of the offerings.

According to author and expert in contemporary culture Dr Karen Brooks: “When adult sexuality and sexual practices of any kind creep – and I use that term with all its meanings – into marketing, then it’s a case of buyer beware. There are no shades of grey here – 50 or otherwise.

“These baby clothes are wrong, offensive and mark a new low point in marketing and consumerism.”




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