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Top 2017 Tech Advancements in Dentistry You Need to Watch

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2017 has been a great year for dentists. We have seen many developments and discoveries that have made significant changes in dentistry and the healthcare industry at large. Here the top five tech advancements that will affect dentistry before the year ends.

Digital Impression Systems

Digital impression systems continue to make inroads in the industry, and it seems dentists have begun to accept the fact that these systems are more efficient than their predecessors. Digital impression machines capture the internal scans of a patient’s teeth and gingival tissues to create a 3D model. They make the impression process simpler, more accurate and faster. One addition that has made this technology efficient comes from Dental Wings. It features an improved DWOS 3.2 machine with finer cameras, high-resolution screens and effective motion detectors. These new features enable dentists to easily scan data, capture more details and control the impression system without touching it.

Improved 3D Models

Having a digital impression undoubtedly improves workflow. You will begin to see faster returns from the laboratory and get accurate restorations, leading to continuous workflow and minimal time wastage. However, the change doesn’t stop with improved work speed and accuracy. Manufacturers have come up with new techniques that will change the green models you have been seeing for the last 31 years to new versions. Instead of the green models, you will now have fully colored variants that clearly show all the features of the teeth and gums. You can use the improved machines to make multiple colors from a wide range of materials that allow for the creation of life-like models.

High-Tech Dental X-rays

Dentists can now use digital X-rays to detect abnormalities, replacing traditional radiographs and sedation dentistry. Companies all over the Canada are constantly researching and discovering new techniques to improve the effectiveness of digital X-rays. Some have even produced electronic sensors that can capture a patient’s dental formula in seconds. The X-ray machine then transfers the image caputred to the scanner where a dentist can clearly see what is happening. There are other digital X-ray machines that scan the bone below the teeth to determine its level of support. Others can be used to check the placement of implants and evaluate the outcome of dental surgeries. Digital X-rays are increasingly becoming popular, and they are likely to overtake traditional radiographs by the end of 2017.

Improved Braces

One of the most noticeable advancements in this category is the discovery and improvement of invisalign. This a clear brace that gently straightens a patient’s teeth within a considerable amount of time. Patients who have it do not require heavy and uncomfortable metallic braces to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The aligners used are virtually invisible and are easy to remove. They are also comfortable and allow the patient to eat whatever he wants. There are new technologies that allow aligners to fully move both the teeth and roots into appropriate places using flexible attachments. Calgary Dentists can also position the teeth at the right angles using the new technologies. We hope more innovations will come up to help simplify the way aligners are placed.

Redefined Laser Technology

Laser technology has been around for quite some time now. It has seen a tremendous rise in popularity. Lasers provide dentists with a perfect option to perform a wide range of procedures. The expansion in innovation recently gained momentum in Calgary when various manufacturers came up with a plan to develop more advanced systems. They came up with a new Picasso Period Dental and Waterlase iPlus 2.0 tissue lasers. These lasers are designed to cut both hard and soft tissues. They also have an on-board setting that can help the dentist perform periodontal treatments easily.

The old ways of doing surgeries and installing implants will soon change as digital technology advances in 2017 and beyond. Expect to see more of the tech advancements discussed above throughout 2017.


by: Angela Pattridge


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