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The Rising Tech Stars of 2019

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Many new technology companies are receiving a great deal of buzz because of the dynamic and exciting services they offer. Some of these companies have garnered the attention of investors because they are likely to have an Initial Public Offering (IPO) during the upcoming year. Here are the top tech companies to watch in 2019:


Founded by Laura Behrens and Simon Kreuz this company has total equity funding of $29.3M. Shippo specializes in cloud-based shipping software. The software is ideal for businesses of all sizes. The tool is designed to streamline processes such as printing labels, getting shipping rates, and tracking packages. This software is essential because many individual businesses have different shipping options. Currently, Shippo has more than 30,000 customers including logistics providers and e-commerce platforms.


This tech company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and its founders include Dirk Kessler, Joseph Ansanelli, and Michael Wolfe. Gladly has a total equity funding of $63M. The company currently has 50 employees and specializes in supplying targeted solution to develop better customer connections. Gladly makes it simple to connect customers with the correct type of support for the products or services they need. In addition, agents are given access to the tools and information required to assist customers in a timely manner.


 Names like Uber and Lyft are often brought up in conversations about tech companies to watch for in 2019. However, Palantir is also making huge strides. Founded in 2003, Palantir is located in Palo Alto and founded by Joe Lonsdale, Alex Karp, Peter Thiel, Stephen Cohen. Palantir is a data mining and analytics company. The company has not yet gone public but is expected to be valued at tens of billions of dollars. As such investors should definitely keep their eyes on this tech company.

Garland Technology

Garland Technology assist network teams in enhancing the value of their networks and data centers by supplying the most reliable and economical test access solutions in the industry. For over 20 years the founders of Garland Technologies, Jerry Dillard and Chris Bihary, have endeavored to develop solutions to guarantee network uptime that is completely secure. One of their key technologies, passive network taps, is designed to make sure that monitored devices will not lose the link between one another if there is no electricity. This system is designed specifically for use with fiber optic based networks.


Robinhood recognizes the reality of living in a more mobile world. As such it has created the first generation mobile brokerage. Conventional brokerages are able to earn money via commisions but Robinhood is able to earn revenue through the interest and cash on its accounts. The company also offers premium subscriptions and crypto trading in addition to equities. Earlier this year the company was valued at $5.6 billion, the company’s IPO is likely to take place in September.


Like most company’s Nurx recognized a need and capitalize on that need. The company was formed with the idea of giving women greater access to birth control via a digital app. This app allows women to request a birth control prescription via the internet. The birth control is then delivered to the users home. Nurx recognized that many women experience emergencies and need access to birth control right away. This led to the creation of the digital app. Insured users are able to get birth control for free. If a user doesn’t have health insurance they can still get contraceptives for as little as $15 every month. Nurx hopes to expand its availability in 2019 with a subscription service. Nurx is currently available in 15 states.

Obviously, there are several tech companies that are likely to expand and grow tremendously in 2019. The upcoming year will be an exciting time to observe which companies will emerge as leaders in the tech industry.

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