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The Latest Of Fashion Handbags In Dubai – Know the trend

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Ladies understand completely that much more than the choice of the handbag is how you carry and flaunt it. Be it colored pouches, XL bags, backpacks or doctor’s bag, the important thing is to either wear the handbag on your shoulder, slip it under your arm or simply between your elbow or hold it in your hand. Carrying trends for handbags are marked on the global ramps where people are at the pinnacle of being finicky with their beloved arm candy.

Women need handbags be it in their daily routine, a casual outing or get together. When going to work or business or casual meetings and obviously when attending parties and big bashes or events, the handbag is a much needed accessory which accompanies a woman throughout the day whenever she’s out of the house for any purpose or reason and therein a designer handbag or a clutch plays a vital role.

So whether you’re attending a chic part of the U.A.E. region, or wanting to impress colleagues at the office or in a meeting, designer handbags in Dubai certainly help to make the impression of being stylish, trendy, classy and elegant dependent on what the occasion is.

What brand should you buy?

While looking for the perfect accessory, a designer handbag which matches your desires, attire and the pocket, the ideal brand to look for is Guess. The brilliant idea behind the creation of this brand became the heart of luxury handbags. These handbags are brimming with colors, shapes and sizes and are filled with certain warmth and elegance which resonates very closely to a happy and content feeling.

Their cute looks and fashion feminized trendy colors with their small, stable off-set, enable the Guess handbags to be carried everywhere and all day long. The handbag offers unparalleled comfort with attractive and glamorous elements with designs that make you look like a fashionista.

Guess handbag basics

Guess handbags feature a variety of trendy styles that have sown in linings, which are made up of the logo embedded on silky satin for a smooth finishing inside. Being a perfectionist designer, Guess ensures for your satisfaction that there are no loose threads or not up to par finishing both inside and outside the handbags that will be your future favorite accessory to exhibit to all the ladies out there.

For increased contentment and versatility purposes, the handbags come with adjustable straps to suit all the women out there. To add expedience to their designs, Guess handbags feature pockets, both inside and outside their handbags to enable women to carry everything that women want.

Guess handbag features

Typical Guess features that help you locate an authentic Guess bag at first sight can be seen in the following video taken from a fashion page on Facebook.

A bag is the best way to impress everyone and make your mark in their hearts #Dubai #Handbags #Looks #Style #Fashion GUESS Tima Fashion Galleria Fashionweek Handbags Handbag's Handbag's Brahmin Handbags Brands For Less UAE Chic Fashion UAE Frozen's Fashion-dubai Handbags and More Fashion Style Mag Soraya Souilah

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What handbag to carry and when

Bucket and Tote

These types of styles compliment office wear, meetings and business travel as they are easy to carry but are limited in space and have enough room to hold essentials only for ease and vigor. This does not mean that these kinds of bags cannot be carried casually but bear in mind it’s small to medium size which limits the space available inside and hence, no wants, only needs.

Bucket and Tote

The Satchel Handbag

The satchel handbag by Guess, especially the box satchel allows for enough room to fit many of the things that may be needed throughout the day. This along with the trendy look of Guess satchel handbags make them a great option to compliment casual wear as it ensures comfort, space and style catering to the basic needs of women. The ease of carrying the satchel handbag makes it a girls’ ever wanted companion for casual hangouts and outings with peers, family and friends.

The Satchel Handbag
Cross Body Handbag

A Sunday brunch with your pretties or just a stroll round the street, cross body bags are the hippy ones for this season. The style presumes to be crossed on the body that is from the shoulder till the waist. The straps are longer than the usual hobos and satchels. The style is loved by teenage girls or little princesses. Moreover these handbags are two in one; remove the detachable straps and viola! There you have a chic and elegant clutch.

Cross Body Handbag

Wallets and Clutches

Guess designer product range allows for a perfectly complete look by complimenting the handbags with a matching and just as trendy wallet. The wallets are designed in such a way that they fit snuggly into Guess handbags.

Wallets and Clutches


Latest Trends for Guess in handbags

Branded guess bags in Dubai featuring bamboo will be launched in spring 2015. Bamboo used as the main material for the handbag, which is not synthetic and completely natural, along with the solid handles around the handbag for a better grip, make the handbag look chic yet shatterproof. The Guess logo appears on it in the classic style, a double G. The main colors are red and funky green in combinations, which are recognized as the classic design of the brand.

The classic Guess fashion handbags are very popular and the design is brought back again but with some changes. For the purpose of buying to inspire as per the desire of all the ladies, material has been recognized as an important factor next to the design style when it comes to designer handbags. Therefore, when traditional material like leather from cow and sheep cannot meet the need of women, rare material is brought into the spotlight to cater to the needs of today’s women as something unique which has now turned into a favorite for many.

For this purpose Guess plans to elaborate on its Indy collection which manages to depict elegance, style and uniqueness at the same time as these handbags are made from crocodile leather. Now limited edition handbags are about to be launched in pink for Asia region.

Prices for Guess Handbags – What to Expect

Guess Handbags fall under the designer handbags category but at the same time are moderately priced giving the opportunity for the masses to utilize the luxury of carrying a designer handbag without breaking their bank.

Guess Handbag Style Price Ranges
Retro Satchel AED 200 – AED 350
Tote AED 150 – AED 280
Wild Child AED 220 – AED 320
Box Satchel AED 180 – AED 310
Clutch AED 110 – AED 220
Hobo AED 250 – AED 310
Wallet AED 100 – AED 130


Brands such as Guess and other fashion handbags in Dubai can be bought at increasingly competitive and affordable prices online these days through various websites, online stores and e-commerce based websites such as Crazy Deals.


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