by Margie Gellor VILLANUEVA


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We had a jar with a butterfly.
We opened the lid and it flew to the sky.
And there are things inside my head
Waiting to be thought or said,
Dreams and jokes and wondering are
Locked inside,  like a butterfly jar.
But then,  when you are here with me,
I can open the lid and set them free.

Jeff Moss

Birds and butterflies need to fly and be free.   Life is short for
them,  they don’t know what is in store in the future.   But they kept
their trust and faith to a “force” taking care of them.  They just
live and enjoy life as it comes their way and enjoy the beauty of the

The bird sings every day because they have a song,  the butterfly adds
color to every flowers and they just shared their beauty without them
realizing it.   PEOPLE  admire the beauty of their wings and feathers.
They make others smile just watching them chirping and flying all day
long. They give inspiration and make others see the beauty of the
universe through their eyes.

We as human beings have ideas or feelings or emotions or experiences
that others might gain insight from it.   Find your voice,  take a
stand,   express what you think or feel.   Show what you mean and
share it with others.   Seek an inspiration so that you can open your
jar of love and affection and set them free.  Just be you,  share your
wishes,  live your dreams as you listen to your heart.

Go where your passion is,  go where your dreams takes you and chase
for your vision in life.   Love as if you have never loved before and
enjoy every NOW,  every MOMENT there is while you may. If you love,
never entertain the idea of separation,  loss,  hurt,  pain,  agony of
waiting or the missing syndrome.  Just be you,  loving and caring for
someone,  even if there is space, distance and time between you.

The force of love will unite you someday.  If meant for each other,
love will find you no matter how far you hide or whatever you do or
say.  Just like a butterfly,  love will slowly and gently alight on
your shoulder,  nearest to your heart and suddenly you will realize,
at long last,  you are here for me.   You are the one I have waited so
long.  And I will never let you go!

LIFE is short.  Feel it,  love it and set it free.  LOVE is yours,
let it be free,  let it fly like butterflies and birds.  Love is you,
you are LOVE itself.  LOVE is there the moment you came into this
world.  You are a masterpiece of love created by the author of LOVE.
LOVE and be LOVED.


By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva 

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