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The Benefits of Cooking for Alzheimer’s Patients

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People who have their beloved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or old age should opt for ways through which they can be sheltered under more care and attention. Doctors around the world suggest tons of easy yet helpful activities through which Alzheimer’s patients can be pampered greatly. Among these tips comes the cooking routine with Alzheimer’s patients.

Although, cooking is said to be a bit more daring and dangerous for Alzheimer’s patients alone as things can be slipped out of their attention. For example they might forget when to turn the stove on or off. But sharing their company while you watch them cook can be a win/win situation for the both of you. You will get to eat good food, and they will get several enjoyable benefits related to emotions and health.

Some of these advantages are given below:

Health and Cognitive Benefits

  • Cooking is all sorts of amazing when we do it with Alzheimer’s patients. It heals them in ways through which you can hardly imagine. Music and cooking can go hand in hand. Cooking with music will not only improve behavior of the patient but it can also act as a stress relief for the caregivers. According to studies, two sessions of cooking after couple of weeks overall improve in both stress and behavior of the two participants.
  • An article published in UK Daily Mail once revealed that cooking, washing up the dishes, and cleaning overall can lead to drastic benefits and help in curing Alzheimer’s disease as a whole, even in people who are over 80 years old.
  • If cooking is something that the patients particularly like, chances are that enjoying their favorite habit over and over again will build a sense of independency and organize their skills as well.
  • Finding ways through which they can enjoy their long lost activities that they once so fondly used to do will help in increasing the chances of gaining back the memories and holding them for long.
  • Since the Montessori Method of engaging all the five senses of children through activities, cooking helps in the same way for the Alzheimer’s patients and connects them to the world.

Emotional Benefits

  • Cooking is always emotionally important for the patients. Through this activity memories can be stirred and help the patients remember their connections from the past. It engages their very soul and reminds them of the strengthening emotional bonds they used to have.
  • The therapeutic cooking sessions can actually help in a great deal by ending agitation and passivity from the patients. Their worse behavior and undesired emotions can be controlled by this activity.
  • Positive interactions and supportive environment of the caregivers with the Alzheimer’s disease’s patients can evoke pleasant memories from the past. According to various studies, through such activities, old memories can be triggered and help dementia patients to recall all the lost happy moments.
  • Creating nutrients and vitamins rich meal with your beloved dementia patients can help them not just physically but also emotionally, as healthy eating is said to be a step towards stress-free life. Likewise, if you are more into cooking unhealthy or unhygienic meal just for fun, you will put a negative impact on the overall health of the patient.

At the end of the day, you will come out of the kitchen with a smile on your face and a yummy meal on your plate. But, precautions should be considered whilst cooking with dementia patients. Without good supervision and proper preparation, things can go a little wrong.


By:  Erica Silva

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