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The 9 Rare Professions in the World

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Rare Professions in the World

Did you know that there are those who make a living by picking up dog food? They know some of the strangest professions in the world. | Source: Shutterstock

Professional life has changed so much that it includes jobs that are more and more out of the ordinary. If you are excited about studying an unconventional career, we present you with a list of the 9 rare professions in the world.

list of rare professions

  1. Storytelling

In London, you can find a chain of hotels that offers the services of storytelling. The role of those working in this profession is to read stories to children. In this way, parents with young children can go out to enjoy the night while they have the peace of mind that their children are safe. A hotel employee comes to your room, takes a book and begins to read it until the children fall asleep.

  1. Dog food tasting machine

To describe the differences between different brands of dog food, there are people who are dedicated to try them out. They must measure their characteristics in terms of consistency, taste, hardness, among other things. This type of testing is done with food from other animals as well.

  1. Physician of dolls

Many children care for a particular doll, and there seems to be none in the world that can replace it as attractive as it may be. If it breaks and seems to have no arrangement, neglect: nowadays there are the doll doctors, who are in charge of repairing and leaving it in perfect condition.

  1. Fairy Godmother

In Georgia, United States, in one of the most important hotel chains there is this profession called Fairy Godmother: it consists of a woman dressed as Fairy Godmother with magic wand, comes to your room and does everything possible to grant your wishes. It is a way to entertain the kids when their parents want to relax and enjoy the holidays.

  1. Coconut Inspector

Believe it or not, there are professionals in charge of inspecting the palm trees in the coastal zone to check the ripening of their coconuts and prevent future falls and damage to people or cars that circulate nearby.

  1. Heats human beds

On extremely cold nights, many hotels have a “hot-water” service: a person is responsible for lying in your bed and leaving it warm so you can sleep at ease.

  1. Halitosis examiner

Companies that manufacture chewing gum must perform several tests to launch new products to the market. It is increasingly common to create chewing gums that eliminate bad breath. To do this, these halitosis examiners should smell the mouth of people after having eaten foods that can leave unpleasant sensations, and after eating the chewing gum check the effectiveness of the product.

  1. Data Inspector

Major casino chains around the world hire data inspectors to examine each of them. What is evaluated in a given? Their angles, their faces, that the points are correctly painted, and that they are balanced. These and other aspects are an increasingly common security measure.

  1. Snow Investigator

To know the characteristics of the snow, there are professionals dedicated to study it in order to pass information to the media about how the ski season is developing.


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