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THAT dress update: A white and gold version may be in the pipeline

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If you’ve been living under a rock (or not had internet connection) today, the world wide web has been going crazy about a dress (or should we say THAT dress).

It all started a Scottish singer Caitlin McNeil posted a picture of the dress on her Tumblr page, asking people whether they thought it was black and blue or white and gold.

Then the world went crazy. People (and actual celebrities) from all over the world started weighing in with their opinions, and arguing about it like it really mattered.

Eventually someone (sort of) settled it for real, by tracking down the dress online and revealing it is in fact blue and black (and upsetting the thousands of people who saw the dress as gold and white in the process).

Since #dressgate started trending, the £50 Roman Originals dress has totally sold out.

And now, hoping to cash in on the #dressgate phenomenon, Roman Originals have said they’re considering creating a white and gold version.

The question is, what colour will the white and gold dress look once its been created? Who knows… see more

source: metro UK

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