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Teen TikTok Star Dies: ‘You Will Always Be the Best Artist’

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(NEWSER) – A teen TikTok star with more than 2.1 million followers, known for her dancing, choreography, and comedic routines, has died. Arjun Sarin, the manager for Siya Kakkar, told ET Online that she took her own life Wednesday night at her home in New Delhi, India. Per India Today, police confirm she died of suicide at her residence, though they say she died Thursday. Siya was either 16 or 17, per various reports. “She sounded very normal, just like we talk every day,” Sarin tells ET of his last conversation with her on the day she died, though police say she’d been struggling with depression in the days before her death.

Police say no suicide note was initially found, that her phone has been seized, and that an autopsy has already been completed. She’d been at home with her family during the coronavirus pandemic, but authorities still plan on talking to friends to see if they can piece together why she may have killed herself. Siya’s final Instagram post, on June 19, showed her doing a dance routine, per PeopleCNN notes that she posted a video to TikTok on Wednesday. “No more words,” Sirin wrote Thursday on Instagram, per ET. “You will always be the best artist. Rest In Peace.”… see more


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