Mobile Tankers Reconciliation Resolved

11 hours ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 07 July 2020—(AETOSWire): SMETRON Fuel Control System is now in operations on the fuel bowsers and mobile tankers of Wade Adams Contracting, the largest construction...

Is Bitcoin a suitable instrument to get over the crisis?

1 day ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5 July 2020, (AETOSWire): Bitcoin went through its third ‘halving’ last month without much public attention. Bitcoin ‘halving’, occurring every four years, only took place twice in the past. International Monetary Fund forecasts global economy to decline by 3%. Country’s economic forecasts predict the U.K....

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Employment opportunity at Marriott Hotel Canada
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  New Employment opportunity at Marriott Hotel Canada, The management of Marriott hotels in Canada, needs Seventy five (75)....

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India, Pakistan’s worst enemy, says our government. America, Pakistan’s worst enemy, say our people and media. Pakistan, Pakistan’s worst....

The fake story behind Rowan Atkinson conversion to Islam
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We are bringing you information about the prank that was made by the Israellycool website about Rowan Atkinson`s conversion to Islam. This is....

Jihad Has Been Hijacked
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Jihad is a term of great and positive significance in Islam. It is commonly defined as striving or struggle,....