Beating Food Allergy

6 days ago

All living things need food to survive. Food provides us with the energy and the nutrients which we require for the proper functioning of the body. The choice of...

Teen TikTok Star Dies: 'You Will Always Be the Best Artist'

6 days ago

(NEWSER) – A teen TikTok star with more than 2.1 million followers, known for her dancing, choreography, and comedic routines, has died. Arjun Sarin, the manager for Siya Kakkar, told ET Online that she took her own life Wednesday night at her home in New Delhi, India. Per India Today, police confirm she died...

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India, Pakistan’s worst enemy, says our government. America, Pakistan’s worst enemy, say our people and media. Pakistan, Pakistan’s worst....

The fake story behind Rowan Atkinson conversion to Islam
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We are bringing you information about the prank that was made by the Israellycool website about Rowan Atkinson`s conversion to Islam. This is....

Jihad Has Been Hijacked
6 years ago

Jihad is a term of great and positive significance in Islam. It is commonly defined as striving or struggle,....