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Stef Terblanche’s San Francisco

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San Francisco

Reflections of moments in a distant sun
And moving across suspension
A moving sausage in
Suspended buns
American hotdog here we come
And sun dancing on water far below with
Ford GM Dodge Chev and all the rest pinned rushing
Water flooding the material cross
I greet Bill Gates but he
Lacks the simple feature of a face
Set free in the jungle Alcatraz
I eat my heart in solemn contemplation
Of mechanical tastes and chemical awareness
There is no gravy heavier than that
Of my distant land packaged
in this new sanitised box
I breathe heavy I breathe until I die
This is neither then nor now
Homeland security darting by
Guns and boats and flags and pissing fear
Their paranoia stretching like a
Foamy wake the skies remain but clear
We live to die again
Playing out our second pantomime
Nothing but a little life/a little fear.


About the Poet:

Stef Terblanche is a Cape Town-based freelance journalist and editor during the day. He has worked for a variety of publications in South Africa and further afield. He also did stints in advertising, at a university, trading across Africa, as a political analyst, and as an art gallery owner. At night he dabbles in oil painting and writes poetry and other things, and has an obsession with water and the moon.

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