by Margie Gellor VILLANUEVA

SILENCE is a Language

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SILENCE is a language
The language of my soul
My heart
My mind
My spirit
My body
My being.

Silence is a language
Of love
Of feelings
Of emotions
Of longings
Of wantings
Of passion.

Silence is the language
Of my fear
Of my despair
Of my hurts
Of my pains
Of my frustrations
Of my disappointments

But it is only through SILENCE
That I came to know you better
Your love,  dreams,  desires,  visions and ambitions
Your being,  your person,  your heart and everything
Your eyes,  your heart and its heatbeats
Your truth,  voice,  smile and touches
It is in SILENCE that I realized I love you more than words.

I choose to LOVE you in SILENCE
In time
In space
In distance
In moment
In dreams
In my imagination

Because it is in my imagination
I keep in touch with reality.
You and only you!
You are my imagination
My dream and my passion.
You are my love and destiny
You are love and LOVE is you.

Love is divine and I found it with you.   Let me cherish it,  the rest
of my life.



By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva

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