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Sheikh Mohammed offers rare insight into his life in new book

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The latest book penned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, will offer a fascinating insight into the experiences and philosophies that shaped the iconic leader’s vision. In what he is calling his “incomplete biography”, Sheikh Mohammed has narrated 50 stories in his 50 years of serving the nation. Taking to Twitter, the Dubai Ruler has shared some excerpts from the book titled Qissati (My Story).

Desert life vs city life

“Before I turned 18, my father taught me how to live in the desert and how to deal with its animals, gazelles and wolves, its cold weather and its volatility. After I turned 18, he taught me how to live in the city with humans. How hard-hearted are humans! And how beautiful is the desert!”

The Union meeting

“In the northern tent, something happened that usually never happens in Arab countries and won’t happen again in decades. Sheikh Zayed asked Sheikh Rashid to be the President of the Union. However, Sheikh Rashid smiled, moved the rosary in his hand and said: ‘You are the president’.”

A hysterical welcome

“We went to Tripoli’s squares that were filled with crowds. Surprisingly, someone told the people that we were there. They hysterically surrounded our car, and all of them welcomed us warmly. The car started to lose its stability and moments later, I felt it lift off the ground.”

A sorrowful farewell

“When they carried the body of my grandfather from the house, my father held my hand tightly while we were walking among the people behind the coffin. I do not know why he was holding my hand so tightly. Was it due to sorrow or did he want me to remember that moment forever?” see more

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