by Amna Naeem

“Self Illusion “

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“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

‘Orson Welles

In this world, humans always try to remain in self illusion by repressing their thoughts and feelings that come across their mind about bereavement. Most of the people don’t allow their consciousness to awaken about this hard and astringent fact of life. To the middling people, death is by no means a pleasant subject for discussion and is avoided. Most of us consider this topic fit for funereal houses because it kills our elation and slaps the hard fact of life right into our lives. We keep our intellect in this illusion that death is far from us and we will not die tomorrow or the day after or even after a year, all we have in our psyche is that I am still young and will not depart from this life soon. But reality is in absolute contrast to this figment of our imagination.

If we are astute enough to contemplate or if we urge ourselves to mull over seriously that death can knock at our door anytime, then we will strive more in our lives because we will have a purpose. Reflecting upon death will reveal this purpose in life and will profoundly affect us with live enhancing impact.

Before passing away of my father, I used to think in the same course as most of us do, but then one morning, the eyes of my father which once used to glint with love and bliss, closed eternally. It took less than a second, just like switch turning on or off. At first it was really tough for me to admit this harsh reality because my mind was hoping for a miracle to come about and I remained in this illusion that his soul might be put back into his body and he will once again glance at me in the same way he used to, but eventually, I realized that miracles don’t happen in the real world. I was left with no option but to accept this as Will of God. This eased my mind and I was able to brace this fact as reality. Not only that ,  I was also able to prepare myself for the day when my soul will leave my body and could not be brought back, and all whimpers and snuffle will be futile at that time. So all I can do is to be ready for the day as nobody knows when the death will call.

The death is just like the arrest warrant and one doesn’t have time to appeal against it. No matter what is happening around us or what price we offer to pay to reside more in this world, it will be just useless and we will have to leave. So if we don’t hold this material world dear to us, we will not have much difficulty in parting with it.




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