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What  is beauty ???
The warmth in your  eye
The love in your heart
The respect in your  ways
For every one  you meet or greet


When you  appreciate
With an open heart
You smile within and out


some people do not share  their feelings
This is where they lose the grip
of happiness behind their masks


The peer group  of your child is like a net
Be netted in the net


When you too many things on mind
Think of the hour glass And act


A mothers love is so soft and kind
can leave angels  behind


People  say i am a very positive thinker
I say  i see life   as it is


People  say your profession is healing minds
I say my medicine  is love


Words of kindness take a place
Words of love make a space
Words of appreciation have a pace
words of respect show a grace


Life is good life is hope
Life is what you cope




About Writer :

MSC child development  and family relations
An Ex-Prof principal  in a girls college
Psychologist  in Karawane  Hayat  Mental  Hospital  and cancer hospital  in Karachi
President  Citizen  Drug watch society
Activity  Director PARC
Counselor  and on line counselor  on Face book
A   writer  quotes   articles  poetry
26 yrs experience  in counseling  problems of people specially  poor people

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