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Quotes: A way of life

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1.   Be silent  in anger 

      Be vocal  when  cool 


2.     Be like a bee which gives honey 

         Be not like  a bee which stings 


3.     You  are mostly  known by the way  you talk 

       Soft spoken people  are remembered long 


4.   If   you  feel worthless 

      Think  about how a coal  turned to  a diamond 


5.  Worries   are bubbles  

      Waiting to be pricked  with glee


6.   When problems block your way 

       Say i will wait  i will combat 


7 .  People  who wish to be  great 

        Must feel for  and act  straight 


8.    Anger is nothing but a fire 

        Burning you slowly  like a wire


9 .   if you help some one to stand on his feet 

        You make a generation stand tall


10.    Remember the three R’s

          Respect for others 

          Respect  for self 

          Responsibility for all your actions 


11.    Talk slowly think quickly 


12 .    Be friendly with  your mirrors                          

           Give them your  smiles                                                                          




13 .    B positive  and not  Oh!  Negative


14 .    Let your past stand aside

           As you race ahead 


15.    Nothing can be achieved Without  communication 

           feel  think  and be bold to communicate 


16.      Hurry is Worry 


17.      Every man has a child in him 

             Which every woman has to look for 

            If you tame the child you tame your world 


18.     An overdose of anything is  harmful 

           Even love


19.    When everything goes  Wrong 

           You go right  with a sense  of humor


20.     Have a mission in life 

           A simple mission 

            To love and being kind to  people


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MSC child development  and family relations
An Ex-Prof principal  in a girls college
Psychologist  in Karawane  Hayat  Mental  Hospital  and cancer hospital  in Karachi
President  Citizen  Drug watch society
Activity  Director PARC
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