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Prince Harry fears in battle field

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PRINCE Harry told dad Prince Charles and his grandma, Queen Elizabeth, that he wanted one last fling before he went off to fight the Taliban – because he had a premonition that he’ll be killed in action during his Afghanistan war zone duty.

The British royal was famously caught on camera enjoying a naked romp with several beauties in a Las Vegas hotel room.

“Prince Harry’s on a four-month tour flying attack helicopters against the Taliban as a co-gunner – meaning he’ll be firing the aircraft’s weapons,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“The prince, who’s 28, told his grandmother and father that after his nagging visions of dying in action, he let down his guard and partied with no regard for consequences. And it’s been revealed that he told his brother, Prince William, of the death premonitions just before departing for America. While Prince Charles and The Queen felt this was a total fabrication and well-rehearsed excuse, they’re now thinking very differently after the Taliban’s headline-making threat to do everything in their power to kidnap and kill Harry.” “The Queen is still displeased and upset over her grandson’s shameless behavior, but now believes he wasn’t lying when he told her he feared for his life and wanted one last fling before facing the enemy!”


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