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Powerful Ways of Leading

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As a business owner, you have probably found yourself in a situation whereby there are so many things to do in your workplace. In such a situation, you do not only need to use your head; your heart plays a huge role as well. For your company’s activities to run smoothly, you have to build an emotional connection with your team. Once your employees feel valued, they will perform better and efficiently. In this article, you will learn how to lead your team from the heart:

1. Show interest to connect with your employees.

As a boss, your door should always be open to all your employees. When any of your employees approach you, treat them with respect and be their friend. The problem with some bosses is that they are so cold to their employees. As a result, your employees will end up fearing you, and in case there is any problem in your workplace, you will not be able to know. Keep your employees close to you, but at the same time, make sure they understand very well what you expect from them.

2. Help someone with a problem.

When you help someone who is in a real crisis, chances are the person will never forget you. The same applies to your employees. In case any of your employees have a problem, do not hesitate to come through for them and help them. Do not be the kind of boss who does not interact with his or her employees. Such an act ensures that your employees can do anything to see your business succeed. For example, if you have a web Development Company and an employee reaches to you wanting to know what is front end web development, do not overreact. Teach your employee everything he or she needs to learn without raising your tone.

3. Stick to your commitments.

People who keep their commitments seem to be unique in the society. When you commit yourself to do something, show your commitment to do it, at all costs. If you had promised to teach your employees something new regarding your system, make sure you keep your word.

4. Take time, even when you do not have it.

When you spare some of your time for your employees, they will notice it and appreciate. As the boss, when you are busy, your employees are busier. There might be a pending meeting or a serious crisis at the office that needs your attention. Such times are the ones your employees need you the most. Its times like this that sparing some time for your employees stands out and makes them feel appreciated. By doing this simple deed, you will improve the productivity of your team.

5. Listen

When any of your employees approach you with a problem, show concern and pay attention. Good leaders speak less and listen more. Communicating with your employees is important because you can be able to know how your company runs and deal with any arising issues before they mess up everything. Once an employee leaves your office with a proposal, make it your responsibility to follow it up and ensure it is rectified.

6. Respect your employees’ time.

A good leader should have the best time-keeping skills. If you plan a meeting with your employees, be the first one to reach the boardroom. Most people think that since they are the bosses, they should not be the first ones to arrive. Coming to a meeting half an hour late shows your employees that you do not care about what they want to tell you. Showing up on time or even earlier shows the employees that you are committed to the company and that you are more than willing to listen to what they have to say to you.


For you to win the hearts and minds of the people in your workplace, show some love and affection. Follow the tips in this article, and you will have a team of happy employees always.


by: Lee Flynn

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