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Post Quarantine-Medical Tourism

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After quarantine 2020, adventure seekers will be looking forward to traveling to another city, another state, another country. However, do you know, medical tourism is the most neglected form of tourism but has the most potential to reduce inequality and end racism? Traveling abroad to seek medical attention is a growing trend of 21st century.

Millions travel every year from one country to another in order to seek best medical care possible; weather it’s a coronary heart disease or getting a new cosmetic surgery. Patients seek hospitals, which provide high tech, reliable and up to date health care facilities. It is a century old tradition and is loaded with both benefits and consequences. Nowadays, facilities like medical insurance coverage help to outweigh consequences and increase benefits tenfold.

Health care facilities in abroad

One of the most amazing benefits for travelling from developed country to developing countries is “Cost Saving”. Most developing countries provide holistic health care within a few hundred USD. Another factor, which would provide cost savings, is that, sometimes surgery is so expensive that even health care insurance would not cover cost and will cause major hole in pocket. So, patients choose countries that would provide best care with lowest cost, often in South East Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.

Recently, countries like Thailand and India poured millions of USD in improving their health care facilities. Sometimes, patients require state of art hospital facilities. Adding cherry to the top of cake, some surgeons would even provide you their personal cell phone number in order to consult him for further treatment. Sometimes, these are the kind of psychological reliefs patients are looking for.

Benefit of health care facilities in abroad

One of the most amazing benefit of travelling abroad to seek health care facilities is “not waiting” in queue and get appointment after several months. Countries like Iran, India and Pakistan would provide you with immediate medical attention, partially because hospitality is deeply rooted in their culture. Another remarkable facility is provided by individual attention to patients and not just giving prescriptions.

One to one detailed discussion sessions with doctors who not only provide physical but also psychological relief is the thing to look forward to. The rise in unemployment, divorce rate and drugs among young generation creates a yearning to seek attention. What is better than a doctor who treats you for 1 hour but in that same 60 minutes also provides attention like a fatherly figure?

Precautionary measures before consider traveling abroad

Now that we have considered a couple of benefits, it is important to take some precautionary measures before you consider traveling abroad to seek the required benefits. The very first thing you should do is consult the required physician/medical practitioner almost 4-6 weeks and discuss in detail about your condition. Next to this, see if you could get specialized treatment within the same vicinity and at a low cost.

Make sure that you are well aware of legal actions that you could file if anything is not up to your expectations. If you are considering reaping benefits of food and ecotourism along with health care, get enough information about risks of getting contaminated and safety before and after surgery. Lastly, get all your medical records in one file and double check information along with updated passport.

Happy Travelling!


by: Noor Ul Ain

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