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Pakistan National Food | The Rich Food Culture of Pakistan

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Pakistan National Food

People of Pakistan are well known for their obsession with food. They don’t care whether the dish is full of calories or floating in a pool of oil. Pakistan people religiously enjoy their food. Their food is usually blend of different spices, herbs and is smeared in ghee or oil which gives it a unique flavor. As Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, every city here has its own cuisine which it is famous for. Not just the cities, but the villages also have their own unique food culture.

list of the Pakistan National Food:


  • Lahore’s specialty Nehari
    Lahore’s specialty Nehari

In Pakistan, Nihari is considered as the must have breakfast item. The best place to have nihari is none other than the city of gardens (Lahore). History of this dish dates back to the Mughal era. Nihari is an oil rich meal made of meat and served with naan and lassi.

  • Peshawar’s charsi tikka
    Peshawar’s charsi tikka

People of Peshawar are extremely famous because of their hospitality and making a feeling of being at home. The foods and cuisines of Peshawar always serve to be an unforgettable experience for the visitors. Due to its aroma and unique blend of spices, charsi tikka is one of the famous foods of Peshawar. The Special cooking techniques by the Peshawar locals are inherited by their forefathers who have worked in this field.

  • Spicy biryani from Karachi
    Spicy biryani from Karachi

The city of lights is well known for its spicy biryani. People in Karachi eat a little bit more spice than their fellow countrymen. Though Biryani seems to be a famous dish in Pakistan, it was originally originated from West Asia. Biryani comprises of a scrumptiously irresistible blend of flavors, spices, and succulent aroma. So whenever you crave for biryani and you know where to go to grab some.

  • Delicious Hareesa from Kashmir
    Hareesa from Kashmir

It is a famous dish in Kashmir especially in cold mornings of winter. This dish usually gives warmth to the people in the chilling temperature of the valley.  This broth-like dish just looks like Haleem, but the taste is quite different. Hareesa originally came to Jammu and Kashmir through the Middle Eastern Muslims that came and settled themselves in the subcontinent.

  • Multan’s Sohan halwa
    Multan’s Sohan halwa

Multan has got an international level of fame due to this sweet temptation. According to a theory, Sohan Halwa was named after a Hindu in the subcontinent whose name was Sohn Ram. It’s a highly sweet cuisine topped with a lot of nuts.

  • Chakwal’s crispy Rewari
    crispy Rewari

Rewari is crunchy and scrumptious sesame sweet which is generally eaten in colder climates. It was originated from the areas of Assam and Maharashtra. This sweet is made of gur and coated with sesame seeds. The crunchy, chewy treat is generally eaten after supper and in cold weather as dry food.

  • Saag from Punjab
    Saag from Punjab

This dish is famous throughout the province of Punjab. This dish usually consists of mustard leaves cooked with various other ingredients. It is slow-cooked until its leaves are so soft they are literally breaking apart, it almost resembles a stew it’s so gooey. It is often cooked with cheese and is known as ‘palak paneer’.

  • Scrumptious Balochi sajji from Quetta
    Balochi sajji

It is usually made of chicken. The most appealing thing about this dish is its cooking procedure and presentation. It is basically a grilled chicken with very less seasoning as it is all about two things – the charcoal heat, and quality of the meat. In most Pakistani restaurants, sajji is served with naan. Quetta is the best place to enjoy sajji.

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