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Over Thinking

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When someone says something that resonates to your very core. It can be a passing comment or a  token of advice or anything, but that statement stays with you long past that person’s presence.

Why  is this so? Because we live in a society of different people with  different mind, thoughts, life style. So we must accept with a cool mind what people say about us. But no ,we are not doing this . We are drifting into a state of self-hatred and utter despair, the  reason is over thinking.

After receiving a statement we just put our selves in a room with  no light ,just darkness around . We leave our selves alone in a corner when with our thoughts. And that lonely moment with your thoughts become worse than any physical pain.

That pain you feel is given by your own self. You yourself churn the negativity over and over again in your mind. It doesn’t mean that all problems are created by your mind but are enhanced by your mind’s ability to make them bigger  than they should be.

Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul” Ezra taft benson

There is nothing in this world making us relive  our past nightmares or unwanted memories except yourself. So we all must learn to realize that this life is about moving forward and none can move with pain, move forward happily.

Being happy is about learning how to live with pain.

Writers use their pain to create literature, musician uses the therapy of notes to keep away the dark shadows of their misery. For everyone, it’s about finding a distraction from pain, putting it somewhere else.

We all just learn to control our thoughts because it is our biggest enemy, it is not the words of others that bring us down, but how we let those words affect us.

Just stop over thinking ,otherwise it will kill you.

Try to tell yourself:

“The only thing that makes it a thing is that you keep thinking about it”

Make this simple phrase a special token of wisdom and whenever something goes wrong in your life simply repeat these words and tell you self it is your over thinking which is making you upset.


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