by Jeanna Szuch Szuch

One After Another

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Today the sky was so black
The streets were so dark
When I looked out, instead of seeing friends laughing and running along
It looked like soot had settled over everything in sight
The world looked inside out
Gray shades in black, for buildings
Red shades in burnt smoke, for people
Everything, inside out
Gunfire flooded the streets ricocheting across the land
Like when fireworks used to light everything up so grand
The Screaming was so thick you couldn’t hear
It was like being trapped somewhere far away but oh so near
Today the sky was so black
The streets were so dark
When I looked around, instead of seeing markets alive and bustling
It looked like a ghost town with everything abandoned
The world looked sad and forlorn
Tears streaking coal lined faces, my neighbors
Hope fading through the dark hours, my friends
Everyone sad and scared
The earth had shook and toppled us out of beds
Like some kind of forgotten nightmare in our heads
The workers were still inside the earth, they cried
It was like the earth had swallowed them after it opened the field wide
Today the sky was so black
The streets were so dark
When I looked down, instead of seeing green with sun peeking though
It looked like the night sky with stars glittering across
The world looked upside down
Green tints in black, for sky
Blue tints in black, for earth
Everything, upside down
Water flooded the streets carrying cars away
Like when it rains and the sun gets carried away
The fog so thick you couldn’t see
It was like being trapped in a cloud over the sea
Tomorrow maybe the sky won’t be so black
The streets not so dark
And when I look out I’ll see the land I love
Looking like it had never looked before
Looking right side up, right side out and smiling
Rivers running, markets full, children playing
Tomorrow I’ll find hope.
By:  Jeanna Szuch

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