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New Year is at our next door and will soon replace 2014. Variations exist among reactions of people belonging to different classes, communities, populations, societies and regions. The emotions and incidents happened last year help us to make better plans on the arrival of New Year. This planning is termed as “New Year’s resolution” by a certain class of people. This year most people are planning to welcome it whole heartedly, overlooking all the miseries and regrets. On the other hand there is a group present who want to remain stick with all the torments and to anguish over all their loss.

New Year’s resolution has become a tradition in certain societies because people belonging to them have been greatly influenced by western culture. They celebrate New Year as an important event and for them it is comparable to ‘Eid’.  If we cast a glance on the history of this tradition, then it become evident to us that this practice actually came from west specifically America, inhabitants of which make New Year resolution after a decade of economic depression preceding world war II in 1941, whereas some nations celebrates it as a religious belief including Babylonians and Romans.

For Pakistani nation, this tradition is particularly confined to young generation. 80% of our old generation belonging to middle class does not even know about it as yesterday when I asked my mother about her new year’s resolution she instantly replied “ay ki honda ay”…. New Year’s resolution differs according to the priorities set by people for future, while some of them remains same for all individuals of a certain community like among a large number of resolutions one is same for every student “Is saal sath sath parhna ha or achay number lainy hn.” And for every girl it is “ Ziada paani pena h and 10Kg tak wieght loose krna h” For boys it is “ Is saal to usay dil ki baat paka bata dn ga ” ….

After setting your New Year’s resolution, asking others for theirs has also becoming an important part of this practice. There are some other activities performed by youngsters on the arrival of New Year in order to celebrate with full zeal and zest… cutting cake, last 10 second countdown and watching movie has become mandatory. There are very few people exist who take this ‘resolution shosha’ serious and want to stick with it throughout the new year after learning lessons from missteps of last year while most of the people just make it to share with friends, striving to indulge in modern society knowing that they will forget about it even within 10 days or as much as after 1 month.



By:  Faiza Latif 

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