by Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

Never Give Up Because Of Opposition

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You want to start a business or pursue any goals, people laugh at you, discourage you, oppose you, ridicule you. You discuss your future plans with the best of your friend and he calls you a dreamer. Yes a dreamer. He opposes your dreams. But remember one thing, its the opposition to your dreams that is the true testimonial that you are alive. People say dead people are the only ones who dont have dreams. I differ, i say, if you stop having dreams you are dead.

If you want to be a successful person in life, your breakfast does not start with cereal, i am serious, your breakfast starts with preparing yourself for the opposition that you are about to face that day. We all expect miracles to happen in our lives. We all want miracles that suddenly change our lives for the better. We concentrate so much on miracles that we forget about the birthplace of a miracle. The birthplace of a miracle is in the house of opposition. When you teach yourself to deal with opposition with a smile, when you train your mind to remain positive amidst a cyclone of opposition, you are actually creating a miracle for yourself. Yes, miracles are created. Miracles are a reward from Allah SWT for remaining positive throughout the period of opposition and believing in him. You created the miracle by showing Allah your positivity through tough times and your absolute FAITH in his ability to answer your inner most desires.

If you are struggling right now it by no means is a sign that you are failing. Success requires struggle. Success demands mental struggle more than physical struggle. Physically any person can outwork you. We all have 24 hours, no more no less. We all have just 7 days a week. To compete on the grounds of physical hard work alone is not an edge. We may all have the same hours to work but we all do not have the same mental strength to succeed. This is where you create an edge for yourself. This is where you win. This is where you can defeat others. You can not increase the number of hours you work in a day to 25,but you can definitely create a mindset that is 25,000 times stronger than your strongest competition.

Let them concentrate on opposition dragging them down. Let them complain about how unfair life is. Let them find like minded people who attest to their point of view that life sucks. Let them. And also prepare yourself to see, the same people eat your dust a few years from today and let the same people who opposed you today say that it was your luck or a miracle that made you succeed. And when that time comes, smile inside your heart, not outside physically. Because you never want to laugh at anyone and make them feel inferior to you. Smile not with TAKKABBUR but with humility that Allah guided you throughout the times when you were being opposed to remain a believer in his Rehamt, his reward to you through his Rehmat will always be called a miracle by others and to you it will be a reward of your hard work.

And how do you know that you are getting close to your miracle ? It is when you are facing the greatest of opposition in your life. That is THE TIME when you are just a few feet away from your miracle of life.

by: Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

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