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Muneer Hamayoon: Facebook Success Story

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1. Tell something about yourself, education and early schooling?.

My name is Muneer Hamayoon, I was born in 14 April 1989 in a remote area of Mansehra, A Small town named Lassan Nawab, By Profession I am Computer Engineer , Have  passed exams of Microsoft Certificated Technology Specialist, Certified I.T Professional , Solution Associates & also Cisco’s Certifications.

2. What is “Beautiful Hazara”?.

Actually Hazara is a Famous Division. It’s group of 6 District. Our Area is naturally rich about Beautiful Places & Tourism Spots. So it’s called Beautiful Hazara.

3. When you planned to start a page like this?.

I decided to do something like this 4-5 year ago, But when I went Saudi Arabia for my job ,I start missing my culture, people , living style & latest news alert about Hazara, then I felt thousands of other expatriates are also missing the Land, I was also inspired by Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara ( A Revolution for a Province) I feel there is no specified platform for People of Hazara Division to join each other at Social Media . Then Officially I started this page at 1st  December 2011 as initiative, as First Drop of Water.

4. You are managing this page alone or you have a team now?.

I manage my page by myself.

5. What kind of content you upload on your page?.

Mostly I upload photo of New Tourist Sights, Hazara’s Events & some videos to promote talent & Latest but Unique News from Hazara Divison.

6. You live abroad, how you manage to keep informed about the news and event of your area?.

Before I was living abroad On the time it was difficult to get latest updates on that time, Page fans also share mostly of content from userend. But now I am Backed to my Homeland.

7. How many of your fans know you personally?.

I know 400-500 Page Fans personally.

8. Social Media is a very powerful medium , how you see the social media in Pakistan?.

Total agree with you, It’s very powerful than our thoughts, role of Social Media is now vital to divert and influence decisions, sometimes we share something then it’s become News Headlines & we saw it’s reaction. Now Many pages has associated with some political campaigns, which is  wrong  it should be stopped. I think I should be always neutral for better future of information & people.

9. Mostly teenagers and young people waste their time on social networks, what you will advice them that how they can use these social sites  for their study related activities?.

I will only say  that, they should need to choose a information/news and share within social circle so every body can get advantage from their contribution and it will also help them to know more new things about people and world and i will suggest that they make teams and work as team which will be helpful to send their message to a large number of people online.

10. You are using Facebook for your activities or you have visibility on other social networks too?.

Yes , I am regularly using Twitter. But all other social networks are near to End due to bold features.

11. In Pakistan news media is very vibrant and active, but there is a kind of division when it comes to Social media and main stream media, How you see this division?.

Yes there is a division in these both medias but Main stream media has lots of money but Social media also becoming so powerful that sometime social media net work news become head lines for main stream media. I will say that Social media if in country should share news with credible sources and should not filter news just to gain attention or political scoring.

12. In many countries government organizations keeps very close eyes on social media,  you ever feel that in Pakistan too Government agencies observing or spying the social media networks  or they should keep eyes on such plate forums?

Openly Our Government can’t stop any person from these social sites because there is lots of awareness now in people when it comes to their freedom of speech.  According to article 19 in constitution of Pakistan , “ Every Pakistani citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression” . But Our agencies  are fully trained to observe and spy on these social network activities and if they see any thing anti state or anti religion then they can block them i think.s

Facebook Page Beautiful Hazara

Facebook Page Beautiful Hazara

13.Youtube is still banned in Pakistan you think it should banned?.

YouTube should not banned in Pakistan but only the specified portion. Some Distance Learning Universities in Pakistan upload their Lectures  on YouTube, so due to banned many students who getting education through distance learning systems are suffering, in Saudi Arabia Youtube is not banned then i do not know what is logic behind banning it in Pakistan.

14. What is your plan for your page, and where you want to take it in future?.

We are planning to make it Largest Fan’s page from Hazara Divison. Our Aim is every Hazar-e-wall like our page , when he/she joins Facebook and  initially our target is to get  1 Lac Likes.

15. What you do in your free time?

Whenever found some free time, I spent it with friends outside city ! some where in silent and calm environment.

16. Your message for your fans and readers?.

Our Beautiful Hazara page is nothing without you. Our Total strength are our fans.

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