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Mufaddal Iqbal – Social Media Success Story

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Mufaddal Iqbal, a Pakistani digital artist holds high value for imagination, concepts and story telling. Born in 1986 in Pakistan, he completed his B.Design in 2008 from Karachi University. He has given multiple workshops on his art style and techniques and has been awarded at several platforms for his diverse imaginative concepts. Considered having the smooth hands of a master storyteller, his paintings are also influenced by the renowned artists such as Craig Mullin, ervin madrid, craig applehauns and others.



Quality animation can now be seen in Pakistan after Mufaddal Iqbal initiated making a short animated clip. As expected, the test turned out to be pretty astonishing, opening gates to seeing better standards in Pakistan in the coming future. A few talented artists pulled it off in a total of 15 days.

The idea occured 3 years ago to Mufaddal Iqbal when he worked in ARY Digital. A very low profile version also got aired in 2010 ARY eid packaging.

1. Where did all of you meet and how did you plan to work together?

“Nabeel, Selma and I studied together in Karachi University-Visual Studies. We recognized the strengths of each other early on and wanted to use them for this one quest we often discussed which was, making a short film. Selma is my wife now so you can say we got along really well. I requested Selma to manage this project and foresee till the end. Her acceptance to my offer marked the formal start of working together” told Mufaddal.

Mufaddal and many others have been carrying with them numerous ideas for animated content, but never got the chance to bring them out due to variuos constraints, mainly of which are; time and money as they work for different studios.
All these years of not being able to put their skill together was the biggest incentive as they knew that they can do better than what they are being used for (majorly being TV series, branded animated content, tv commercials and casual games in Pakistan)

Muffee makes art

Muffee makes art

2. When did you guys decide to work on this piece in particular, what motivated you?.

Mufaddal says “There was only one thought that triggered me; Its now or never! as we had already waited long enough for favorable circumstances… The work began 13 days before Eid and was finally completed the 3rd day of Eid with sheer devotion of the team without whom this would not have been possible, as it included everything from pre-production, production to post production in limited resources.” says Mufaddal “I had only one PC for all the work which was also being used for rendering simultaneously.”

The idea was to make everyone smile and wish a happy Eid.

3. Why do you think we don’t see quality animated content being ¬produced in Pakistan?

Nabeel Ahmed thinks; “The reason we don’t see quality content in Pakistan is the lack of awareness and formal education for this field. Clients don’t want to put in extra time as soon as the product shows slightest signs of conveying the story, thinking as if the goal has been accomplished, the viewers will get the idea plus this will save a lot of time and money. He continues by saying, “We need private investors to boost quality work in this industry other than only ad agencies.

According to them; quality animation needs time, devotion, education in the specific field and lots of money to begin with and undoubtedly, there is unprecedented talent in Pakistan craving for quality. They want to see pakistani animation progress from TV commercials to quality TV series and short films and finally into feature films.

“The goal is to carry on the passion my friends and I have for animated content as entertainment products, reflecting our culture and telling great stories formed by our own roots with unique characters and personalities that we relate to. I hope this dream comes to life while I am alive.” speaks Mufaddal Iqbal.

Note: Special thanks to Selma Rashid for her contribution in arranging the interview 

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