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Most Useful but Most Overlooked Tech Management Software

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In the world of business and tech, the tools you use are crucial. If you use the wrong kind of software, it could end up costing you a lot of time and money in terms of productivity and otherwise. Therefore, you need to make sure that you and your team are not overlooking critical pieces of technology that you can put to use in your business. Here are some of the most useful but most overlooked tech management tools you should be using:


Security is of the utmost importance to companies today. Any hacker with a laptop can gain access to your system and wreak havoc. The consequences if you are hacked are drastic. It can affect every part of your business. It can cause a blackout, customer information loss, data loss, trade secret leaks, and worse. That is not to mention the PR nightmare that can occur as a result. So don’t leave your security untouched. Make sure you have the necessary staff and equipment to take care of business. One of these areas that you need to focus on is network virtualization.

Each device on your network is connected a central server. This means that each device is unique and the way they communicate with one another is trackable. You need software that can track this however. If you don’t, then someone could bypass your systems and pretend to be someone they aren’t. If they do this, they can get into your system without anyone noticing, gaining control over other parts of your system until it is too late to stop them.

When you leverage advanced network virtualization, you are able to see each person and what they are up to. This helps you attack the problems at their source before they can spread. Another type of web security you should be using is firewalls. These prevent the security from being breached at a TCP/IP level. It is a physical layer over the software layer, giving you added protection.


A lot of people focus on their marketing without realizing that there is a piece of software they should be including. That is marketing automation software. When you do everything manually, you are going to lose efficiency. However, when you use marketing automation software, you can free yourself up to get a lot of things done that might have seemed impossible before.

For instance, you can test your headlines and other portions of your ad. This allows you to see which segment is performing best. Then, you can switch them out with the versions that are performing the best. In this way, you won’t waste a second of your time when finding new ways to get your products into the hands of customers, whether you sell online or in person.


There is a difference between having great salespeople and then having salespeople who know how to use great software. If you have a combination of both, then your business will be set for a long time to come. The key to sales software is making sure it lets you track your users and customers throughout the funnel. If you have this, then you have a golden ticket.

Proper CRMs and sales management platforms might not be cheap, but they work. They give you a clear way to stay organized on the sales side of things. And sales are the lifeblood of businesses all over, when it is all said and done.

When it comes to modern business, you need to be able to get the most out of the resources you have. This helps you uncover key differences between you and competitors, new market opportunities, and efficiencies that let you scale as you grow. So put the software above into use for you company today. That way, you can maintain and grow profits at a steady pace. As a result, you will have a better time at work and in your life as a whole.

By:  Walter Bodell

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