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Love life and make the difference in YOU

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Today is a gift of life, the greatest gift ever, coupled with the gift
of choice.  It is your choice to make a great day and a great life
ahead of you.

Never drift through life on a journey to nowhere.  Travel light and
drop the excess baggages  like fears, doubts and worries.  Make your
travel full of fun and laughter because life is wonderful.  Choose a
wonderful life!

If you want to change your life you have to change your attitude
first.  You can do anything you want if you shift your paradigm.  Be

Life is full of fun and excitement.  You can do anything beyond your
power of choice.  Do what you want because you can do it.  Why not?

Today is the best day to change for the best and do only the best you
can ever imagine.  Never settle for less or be half-alive or an
average.    It will only happen if you make it happen.

Be happy and  live your life with passion.  It is your life and never
GO through life but GROW through life.

Be inspired and get going. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Reach for your dreams in life and act on it now. No more alibis or
defers or delays or beliefs that you can’t do it.  You can do it if
you settle and conclude to do it!

Dream BIG dream.  Reach for it while you may.  Start doing it now to
the best of your ability.  Excel or not at all.

Bring out the best in you.  Never do it half-heartedly or in an
ordinary fashion.  Be determined to do your best and give everything
your best shot.

Keep your desire and power to be the best in everything that you do.
Practice, practice and more practice until you excel.

If you want to be successful you have to decide what you want out of
life.  Decide and stay focused.

Never rest on your laurels.  Continue doing the things that made you
successful. Aim for the best in life, only the best.  Happiness is
within your heart.  Share and Love.

No matter what kind of obstacles you encounter along your journey in
life, stay focused,  because it will make it easier for you to keep
right on track.  Quest for excellence and not for perfection.

There will be difficulties that you will encounter in your travel in
life but just keep going, moving,  focusing on your goals and sooner
or later you will achieve it.

Never quit or give up.   Achieve with passion and continue doing the
task you love most.

Once you encounter a problem in life, try to go over it or around it
or under it or go through it.  You will never win if you quit.

Believe in yourself and in your ability.  Reach for the unreachable
dream.  Yes, you can do it.

To achieve your dreams in life means you wake up, get going and get
moving.  Keep on keeping on.

Believe in yourself that YOU can do it.  Be a winner who believes
rather than a loser who doesn’t.

If you believe you can do something, you will give it a try.  If you
believe you can’t, then you won’t.  What you think is what you get.
Believe, believe and nothing more but believe.

Give of your best shot and step your best foot forward. Claim your
success NOW before others will grab the chance.

Make a big difference in your life before it is too late.  Make a
difference in YOU, why not?

Be a winner and believe in yourself and in your ability.  Make it
happen and claim it with passion.

Never let opportunities and life itself pass you by. Take some actions
to make it happen.

Make a big difference in your life and stay focused to keep you on track.

Start really living. Keep every fiber of your being fully charged and
energized.  You will feel great, greater and greatest.

Love life and discover that life loves you!  Create something magical
and a life full of fun, excitement and wonderful.



Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached

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