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Love is beyond measure

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You will never be alone even in silence because I dwell in your heart,
forever and a day.

You are my life,  my world and my destiny.  Take my hand as we travel
in the planet called LOVE.

I think of you every minute of my life.  In every breath I take,  I
think of you.   Because you are my love oxygen.

I can’t help loving you and I must tell you that you are SPECIAL. You
deserve to know that I care for only you, yes, ONLY YOU.

I will never leave you nor ignore you, never and a thousands of never.
You are my life and my world now.

Please be careful with my heart. It beats for you, only YOU!

It is not easy to love, not easy to miss someone. But the joy of
loving is beyond compare.

I am happy loving you. Love is all I care for.

You don’t need to show me the LOVE, just let me feel it in the true
sense of the word.
As long as you dream, as long as you hope, as long as we love each
other, truly and unconditionally love each other, then we will meet in
real time. Love can do wonders!

Never ask me to prove my LOVE for you. You can feel it deep in your
heart because I live there always and forever.

Whenever you miss you, place your hand on your chest, feel the
beatings of your heart, it’s the place where I live and I will be
yours, now and forever. Yes, you love me beyond measure and that is my
reason for being.

Let me love you for no reason, now and forever.

You live in my heart and I live in your heart. Home is where the heart
is and you are my essence of being.

There is time, space and distance between us but it will never stop me
from loving you. Never and a thousands of never stop me from loving
you because you are the reason in my every smile.

I LOVE YOU with all my heart, mind and soul. I will never stop loving
you, that is a promise.

You asked me why I LOVE YOU, and I replied IT JUST HAPPENED. Yes, you
are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I think of you more than you ever know.

Time,  space and distance are not ours to keep but it won’t stop my
loving you.   I strongly believe that when there is love,  there is no

You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I fear that moment
when the worst thing will come unexpectedly.  The time when your
goodnight becomes goodbye.

You are loved beyond measure.   How sweet to hear these words from
someone you truly love and adore.   Love is a wondrous feeling and oh,
so happy loving you.


Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached

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