by Aimon Tanvir Malghani

Life in a Den

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It was 1:30am; the  time  whereabouts the world sleeps. I was feeling hungry. I realized that I could not reach the kitchen, approach  the  fridge to take out juice or discover something to eat. I was not at home, yes! An idea struck my mind and I got out of  bed and took a round of the whole floor; found most of the girls lost in the valley of deep sleep, some preparing to sleep, and a few enjoying themselves. I asked few of them if I could have something to eat. After some search and wandering, at last I found pulses with boiled rice which were left over from  dinner. Thank you God!

This is the den where I live. A den where we are free to go anywhere before 7o’clock in the evening and no matter what, we have to be back before 7. It is a den where the main entrance is closed  from 11 at night to 6 in the morning and we are all locked inside like a herd of goats who are allowed to wander the whole day in the meadows and then locked up by the owner during the night. By the way, I live here by choice not by chance.

This is my hostel and now when I have spent three summers, springs, autumn and winters here, I have developed an affiliation with this place. Coming back after a hectic day in the evening gives a sense of comfort and security. Most of the people oppose the idea of living in hostel, especially for girls. Even many of my friends, who live with me in hostel, do not want their daughters to go through this phase of life.

But I totally agree with the idea that hostel life is something that makes you independent, courageous and bold. It has taught me so many things that I cannot even count on my fingers. Living away from home and family, and having no one who could stand by you when you face problems makes  you decisive about things in your life and teaches you to take right steps at the right time although you take wrong steps during early stages but that’s actually what gives you experience and learning. It teaches you to bear pains, to tolerate behaviors and most importantly to share and care.

People, more emphasis on girls, should have this experience of their life time and feel things for themselves. It will, surely, prove to be very valuable not only for their lives but also for generations  to come.


By: Aimon Malghani

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