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Job Market in UAE Expected to Touch New Heights: What’s In Store for Young Professionals?

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The news is finally out and this is for good. The young professionals all over the world who wish to have a better life and earn better than their native places, can now expect a lot from Gulf now. Amongst the developing as well as the flourishing economies in the Gulf, there is one country that has managed to pull in a high number of expats and businesses than any other of its counterparts; the United Arab Emirates. Now with the New Year, 2015, people have started to look out for newer ways to accomplish their career goals. However, a job search will seem bland if the seeker has no idea about the industrial sectors that are expected to generate jobs and expand.

What’s Hot?

Different employment agencies have listed out their employment indexes and on the basis of the data reflected in the same; here are some of the positive outcomes and predictions for the young professionals:

  1. Rise of the ICT Sector

According to the data analyzed in the indexes, the professionals who are having expertise and knowledge in the software, hardware and telecommunication will be in high demand. The group of professionals comprises majorly expatriates and the nationals are just few in numbers. This very fact reveals the strong relation between growing migration rate and mushrooming private sectors in a very well way and thus seeing a growth of almost 40 percent.  The sector will see more of growth numbers as people are inclining towards technology in a huge way.

  1. Supply Chain & Logistics

The data reveals that the professionals who have experience in the Supply Chain industry or aspirants who are seeking to work for this very arena can now have happy times. The upcoming quarters of 2015 will have a lot of career opportunities in the UAE and other parts of Gulf for people who wish to have a career in Supply Chain & Logistics. This very occupation group marked a stupendous growth of 43 per cent growth in terms of demand in the end quarters of 2014.

  1. Creativity is the Essence

Next in the list of highly in-demand career domain is the marketing & communication field. The professionals who have experience in the creative field or seek to have a good paying job in the overall creative field then the best of times are here to come. The data clearly shows that the demand of skilled professionals, experienced or nascent, in the communication field saw a major growth of 33 per cent in the closing quarters of 2014 and is expected to see a good hike at a steep rate in the coming times.

  1. Some More Good News

There is good news for the professionals; expat or national. The news will be enabling a lot of professionals and job aspirants to grab their dream job in the UAE. The news is that the UAE and Egypt, have signed a joint protocol worth EGP 50 million. The treaty will facilitate training and employment to 10,000 job seekers in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector as per the actual demand of the labor market.

On the other hand and flowing in the same vein, financing 169 small and medium scale projects through credit facilities of up to $ 200 million, UAE will also be in a position to contribute towards creating 200,000 job opportunities.

What’s Not?

There are some known industrial sectors that have not seen enough growth in the gone-by year, 2014 and is expected to see a sluggish growth in the coming quarters. Here are some of the sectors that are more on the colder side or will see growth in demand of skilled people, albeit slow.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare is one field that sees growth in every passing quarter of a year as medical needs and requirement of excellent services remain high on a good note. However, the closing quarters of 2014 saw major decline of between –3 to -5 percent in the job generation and demand of professional.

  1. Customer Service

The customer service is one domain that has also saw a major decline of between -3 to -5 percent. The reasons that are one the forefront could be too much pressure in the job role, inadequate salary and less flexibility. Even in the upcoming quarters of 2015, the domain is not expecting to see something brighter.

  1. Other Marred Job Roles

The data analyzed in the employment indexes clearly states that there are other sectors that have seen a major decline and are expected to see the same situation. The sectors are human resources and office administration.

Before We Go…

The hiring activity in the UAE and other parts of the Gulf is expected to remain positive in the coming quarters of 2015. It will be a good idea to search for career opportunities in the information technology, telecom and internet service provider industry. These sectors have proudly registered a 25 per cent growth in the recruitment last December.



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