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After hearing the news that “Majority of the universities in Islamabad has announced extension of holidays till 19th January due to security reasons” a glimmer of hope appears in my eyes with a spontaneous prayer came out of heart that “May our university announce the same news so that I will have some more days to spend at home” but when I went to my bed to sleep a few questions hit the nerves of my mind….. Is it righteous to pray for any such happening after knowing the reason behind this announcement? Is it good for the future of our country?  Justification for this extreme selfishness lies just in a matter of some extra holidays. Yesterday I’ve heard from children of our close family friends praying that may schools remain close for a month or two.

After thinking all this I started feeling guilty and went through extreme repentance. In actual we the young people have no concern for our country. What are we doing in these miserable situations when all the educational institutes are closed, except praying for extension of vacations? I am cent percent sure that God forbid if the same situation happened in any European or western country the students of these nations would for sure raise their voice by coming out of their homes to pressurize govt. to take security measures as soon as possible. On contrary our students reacts blithely upon prolonged vacations instead of criticizing govt. that extension in holidays is not acceptable and adding a week into week is not solution to the problem instead govt. should take security measures as early as possible because our studies are affecting badly . I am not blaming govt. as they may be doing the best they can do but the dilemma is our students, the future savior of Pakistan, are not concerned because if they are then it would be seen upon announcement after announcement.

The main purpose for writing all this is not to criticize students including my own self but to make them realize about the direction they are going towards is wrong. I can understand that protesting on roads is not safe and wise act but there are a lot more ways, we can use what we have for example: social media which is the most secure medium to raise voice but the actual problem lies in the constricted circle of our thinking. Time is still in our very own hands and the current happenings are just alarms to make us realize that it’s time to get out of our sick and self centered mentality and start thinking critically for our country as we are the future of Pakistan and only our voice can bring a change

As Quaid e Azam said:

Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them”.



By: Faiza Latif

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