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Interview with Yara – How She Changing Her Life and Lives of Others Through Instagram

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We talked to Yara, a very active user on Instagram who has thousands of followers for our section Social Media Stars.. We discussed many things with her, Followings is the detail of our conversation  with her…

     1. Tell Us About your early life ?

I was born in a family of a Colonel of Emergency Situations and a Musician in 1992 in a Ukrainian town. I have lots of good memories about my childhood, although 90s were quite hard. After Soviet Union collapsed the whole country suffered poverty and we used to live in a complete ignorance not knowing what will happen tomorrow. I had never thought that when I will grow up my life will be that interesting and I will have an opportunity to travel and meet so many inspiring people from all over the world.

  1. As you are very active on instagram specially, when you thought or plan that you should start using social media and why only Instagram ? 

I was just a regular user, but I always had something to share, nowadays it is really difficult to attract followers, Instagram is having plenty of interesting blogs, so let’s say I did not expect my blog will become that successful.  I like Instagram for identifying people on the spot. When you open a certain page you can immediately analyze what is that page about.

  1. Are you a Make up artist or Fashion Model or you are  social media Marketing expert, because we went through your instagram and you doing many things ? 

Ohh… thanks for calling me a Make-up artist or a Fashion Model. Anyhow I have experience of being a photo model in the past, but make-up is just an experimental part of my blog. My Instagram does not have a specified content yet, it is just my lifestyle, which I share with my friends on daily basis.

  1. You are married to a Pakistani Citizen, how it happened because both life styles and culture language is different plus there is misconception about Pakistan that is most dangerous county, would you like to share your all this story ? 

I am traveling solo since 18 years old and I have realized that whatever information we are getting from Mass Media about certain countries is an absolute lie. I don’t judge people by nationality, religion or skin color, that is why at the very beginning I had no problems with our cultural differences, as well as my husband. I would say mixed marriages are about compromising and adjusting, if you can’t do so it’s better to get married back home.

  1. You visited Pakistan first time , what was your feeling and how find people and specially your new family there ? 

I recommend everyone to visit Pakistan, it will break all stereotypes on the spot. Pakistanis are an extremely hospitable people, they treat everyone with respect and they won’t even let you pay for food, because you are considered as their dearest guest. The second impressive thing is the nature of Pakistan, so beautiful and breathtaking. Northern Areas of Pakistan are called ‘Switzerland’, I wish to see it myself and share it in my blog. As for my Pakistani family they have accepted me with their heart and I felt a very strong connection from the time I entered my new house. I love them and I can’t wait to see my big Pakistani family again.

  1. What was your family reaction when you told them that you are going to marry a Pakistani – they simply allowed you or they were in shock ? 

Of course they were shocked! (lol) It took them some time to accept my choice, they had lots of negative stereotypes of Pakistan, but now they are dreaming to visit Pakistan, hopefully it will happen one day.

  1. As you are very active on social media specially on instagram and you have thousands of followers, when they come to know that you married to a Pakistan guy , what is their response ? 

Most of my followers are from Pakistan by the way, and they call me bhabi (brother’s wife) out of respect, I never had any negative comments on the case that my husband is Pakistani, people know me, and the fact that I am proud of choice.

  1. You only so active on instagram not on other social networking sites like FB, twitter, linkedin and spanchat etc what is the reason ? 

I barely have time on my Instagram, I hardly imagine myself managing other Social Media platforms. Daily I receive hundred Direct Messages, my mission is to reply on all of them, because I treat every person as my friend first of all.

  1. There is a term we use “ social media influencer “ you consider yourself a social media influencer you feel that through your social media activities your followers adopt or change any thing in their daily life ? 

I don’t consider myself as Influencer, but I always interact with everyone, sometimes people are asking for help, or seeking for advice – in this case I am always happy to share my thoughts and ideas.

  1. What you do in free time ? 

Since I quit my job, I finally got enough time to learn more. I am a lot into science, history, religion and politics. I can spend hours on studying new information. As well as always try to learn new languages, nowadays I am into studying Urdu. Work outs are also a part of my routine, I try to maintain my brain, body and soul.

  1. You have thousands of followers, specially female, what are the tips or guidelines that you will share with them that how they use instagram or any other social media network plate form to make their own life better and others too ? 

Instagram has different content – positive and negative too. I would recommend everyone to segregate it and to stick to those blogs which are useful. Plus I would recommend everyone do not believe in everything they see on Instagram – people are falling for luxurious lifestyles and getting depressed because they can’t have it. Do not think that those people are happier than you, because you never know what they went through to get where they are right now.

  1. Your message for all your followers ? 

My message is to appreciate. Appreciate everything you have in this life and no matter where are you are right now – never forget where you come from.


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