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Interview with Safer Grbic

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Safer Grbi? is a young talented person who was listed among the  top ten writers in Balkan. He wrote the screenplay for the show  “The Legend of dervish”. He is the author of few books, two published  “The Night Guardian of Tesanj”  and “The Little Crownprincess”  and one in print . Safer also writes articles for magazines.


Al-Rasub: Safer, can you tell us some basic informations about yourself, for example, when were you born, in which country, what education do you have till now?

Safer Grbic:

My full name is Safer Grbic and I am named after the second month of the Islamic calendar. I was  born in Tesanj in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  twenty years  ago. Now, I am a student of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, department of philosophy. In addition to attending regular school I participated at the Women’s Studies in Sarajevo and Political Academy Jewish Healthcare Foundation Sweden in Sarajevo. My opinion is that education is necessary for any kind of progress and social affirmation. So far I have published some of my poetry unit in the form of books, audio and video recordings and I have organised an exhibition of my paintings in solo exhibitions in the region.

Al-Rasub: You are the author of three  books – two published and one in print.  Can you tell us something about them?

Safer Grbic:

I love to say that I have two or three faithful and honest readers who are mostly in my family. So, I consider this fact as an advantage, not a disadvantage in my  literary work. Situation is like that,  because, being a good writer doesnt mean everyone reads your work, trying  to be a writer whose  work everyone reads is  self-destructive, because a writer,  from the principle of  Plato’s demiurge should strive to be better for himself in literature, not for the nation. Being limited to one nation is like being closed, but I didn’t allow a torture like that, because I’m looking forward to  readers of my work in German, England and Polish-speaking area. In appropriate literary criticism I was marked as a modern writer of poetry for the intellectual people and I`m  so proud of it. My art works, first in the domain of literature, is characterized by fundamental human rights, extrasensory events, Bosnia and Herzegovina as an eternal inspiration and that is most important thing for me that readers can recognize and remember later.


Al-Rasub: At what age have you started  writing?

Safer Grbic:

My first poem about children´s dream has been published in school magazine- after that moment I could not get enough and until today I have published 2 books (The Night Guardian of Tesanj and The Little Crownprincess) and one is still in print (Orient et Occident). In a life of every writer first verses are very important, because it is incentive for further work. So, writing at young ages is important because young person can make his own personal style, but something more important than writing is reading. I have library at home with thousand and more books.


Al-Rasub: You are an example of a talented young person. Can you tell us your opinion, is talent something we are born with or talent is the result of a hard work? What is with inspiration?

Safer Grbic:

There is something in abilities, but majority lies in work and a wish for construtive and creative activity. Of course, with a feeling of responsibility in accordance with your  vocation. I’ve got two types of inspiration – the first one is from God and the second is not from God,  because poetry of that second inspiration is against God or God’s principles. So, I must be careful with publishing because I must analyze which parts of my poetry I created was from good and which was from  bad inspiration, because of the message I’m trying to send to the world. I only write poetry, but after publishing my third book I decided to write one novel about my country.


Al-Rasub: 2011. you were listed among the top ten youth writers in Balkan by the 50-Festival of the organized committee of  the culture of Serbian youth  and the second program of radio Belgrade. How has that affected  you? Do you see that as a big  step to your future achievements?

 Safer Grbic:

Of course, the rewards and criticism are always welcome … as well as entering a choice of the top ten young Balkan writers. This really has a special significance for me, and what also contributes to its importance is the fact that I was not awarded in the country where I was born, but in another country . Above all, it had a special importance because I met colleagues from other countries who are among the best young artists in their society and we exchanged our views and opinions about the key issues in the literature and today we are still in contact and we cooperate.

Al-Rasub: As a writer you probably had the opportunity to meet and talk to the famous intelectuals, did they give  you, as a young person some advices or ideas.

Safer Grbic:

Well, I have met some. Of course they gave me some advice on how to participate in established ideas that are greater than us and our everyday operations. On the other hand, the things they told me are not different than those other “less famous” or “unknown” intelectuals gave me. Every piece of advice is welcome. I am very pleased when many academics, recognized intellectuals and famous writers talk about my books and write reviews.

Al-Rasub: What is you favourite book and why?

Safer Grbic:

I believe in God and the Quran is my favourite Book because it is the Book from God and who could write a better Book than the Creator of mankind which is one God.  Aside from this Book I like reading Bible, Torah, David’s Psalms and other Holy Books.


Al-Rasub: What is your advice to all those young talented people who think that they dont have much opporunity in life to achieve something and had given up?

Safer Grbic:

Hm, I think that everyone should believe in themselves, and everyone should have enough strenght to continue, even if the conditions are bad, because when you love something, you should do everything to succeed at that. Just don’t give up and don’t surrender, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.


Al-Rasub:  Were your family and your friends a big support for you?

Safer Grbic:

Of course they were, you see, when I started writing, I was insecure if I was good enough, but my family insisted that I continue, and so did my friends. I come from a creative family, and my father is a talented stonemason. It was therefore natural for my family to support me from the start, when I first expressed an interest in creativity and writing. While many of my friends were supportive, some were not so forthcoming with their encouragement and others were even jealous. However, I soon learned who my real friends were and I now surround myself with people who are with me every step of the way.


Al-Rasub: What are your future plans?

 Safer Grbic:

It’s difficult to talk about my plans because it is hard to make plans in an unpredictable world. However, I still plan to do a Master’s in theology and psychology and finish my BA Philosophy degree as soon as possible. I am most interested in the secrets of our soul, and I wish to study as much as possible about that topic. I also plan to finish a novel about Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is a project that I have already worked on for three years. I won’t disclose my other plans for now.

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