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Interview with Regina Victoria Cates

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Regina Victoria Cates, a spiritual/personal empowerment coach, transformational author and positivity junkie, inspires tens of thousands of people every day to live lives of limitless possibility. Through her Los Angeles–based company, Romancing Your Soul, she guides people to lead with their hearts.

1. Tell us about your early life , like schooling college, university?.

I was educated as a classical musician on the French horn. I also played drums in a rock-n-roll band. I earned a bachelor’s degree in teaching from Sam Houston State University in Texas and a master‘s degree in public and private management (leadership) from Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama. In addition to other executive positions I worked as assistant circulation director for the Columbia Missourian newspaper and as director of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Berry College in Georgia.

2. What is Romancing Your Soul?

Living aligned with the higher, wiser part of your being (soul) so you create deep relationships, avoid problems, and make life easier.

3. At what point did you think you should start this company and help others?.

While serving as MBA program director at Berry College I knew it would be my last traditional job. All of my life I was called to help people awaken to lives of limitless possibility. I officially began doing this work full time in 2004 after a long, painful journey to unshackle my own life. I co-founded Romancing Your Soul which today is the source of inspiration for tens of thousands of people all over the globe who join me on Facebook and fill my events.

4. What is Spirituality, can we define it?.

Spirituality is the continuous deepening of our connection to and compassion for other people, all animals, and the natural world through living aligned with our higher Self.

5. As we are seeing growing invasion of machines in our personal lives, so how someone can be spiritual in such environment.

Spirituality is living aligned with what is good and best. Machines are designed to work for us, not the other way around. Living a spiritual life is accepting that while the speed and frequency of information and distractions multiply, our ability to process steadily growing amounts of information and stimuli remains unchanged. Yes, technology allows faster communication. It does not provide you with the best method to have good communication, make good choices, or to establish deep, honest relationships at the same speed. The exact opposite is true. With much to distract you, the likelihood increases of your making choices too quickly. You do not allow input from your values, instincts, emotions, senses, experience, common sense, and inner wisdom.

Spirituality is choosing NOT to buy into the multitasking myth. You are responsible for limiting distractions to keep your attention focused on what is most important in life – safety, family, friends, peace, joy, clear communication, expressing emotions, and leading with your heart. You choose to protect your mind and heart by carefully monitoring what you allow in. You choose to immerse yourself in the present to peruse your life, rather than skimming through it. All of these choices are your spiritual responsibility to make.



6. What is the influence of religion and financial factors in being spiritual?.

We are spiritual beings on great human adventures. Religion is intended to be a peaceful and accepting path to consistently express our higher/wiser/kind spiritual side.

Money is energy and necessary to survive in the current global system of exchange. One can be rich or poor financially and yet spiritually wealthy when there is the understanding that extensive personal freedom requires us to operate at the highest levels of personal integrity. Being spiritual is valuing ethics and morals more than money. Being people of character maintains our positive advantage within systems that often allow and encourage pushing acceptable boundaries to intolerable and ridiculous extremes.

7. Can we teach spirituality to others?.

Absolutely we teach by example what it actually looks like to live as spiritual beings having a human experience.

8. Every individual and societies too are facing lots of problems in these days, in your opinion what are the common problems that people are facing and what can be the common cure for those problems?.

Each of our individual and collective challenges stems from egocentric behavior. Lack of emphasis on the fact we are indeed spiritual beings designed to embrace and express from the higher, wiser part of ourselves. The cure is to rise above self-centeredness and the isolation of being disconnected from one another to feel our connection to all life so we behave with patience, compassion, and cooperation to effectively deal with the challenges egocentric greed and separation has created.

9. What should be the strategy to guide people towards the right thing?.

As Mahatma Gandhi wisely said, “Be the change you want to see.” Stop waiting for other people to put their prideful, controlling, judging, shallow, greedy ego aside. Focus on growing your connection to the higher, wiser part of yourself. Be responsible for your behavior and the negative wake your actions leave on yourself, other people, and all life. Concentrate on what is most valuable in relationships – being honest, respectful, cooperative, peaceful, responsible,non-judgmental, etc. Live the best life you can and be the example of how life works best.

10. You are a speaker and leader too, how you will define the leadership and how to be an effective speaker. Some tips if you want to share?.

A true leader walks his or her talk. Leaders are transparent. They operate aligned with the highest ethical and moral standards and serve as an example for others. A true leader understands doing the right thing is always the right thing to do no matter how hard it is. And, no matter what anyone else chooses to do or how they ridicule you for standing up for what is right.

A good speaker connects with the heart of his or her audience through the stories of shared experience.

11. Tell us about your book “ Lead with your heart “ ?

Lead with Your Heart is my journey of becoming whole by choosing to create a life of meaning. Through a series of essays, I share the lessons I learned, the questions I asked, the mistakes I made, the limitations I overcame, and the realizations I had that moved me from living ego-first to putting my heart out front. Each essay stands on its own as an action to take. Together they offer a solid foundation upon which to build a life you are proud to remember.

12. What you do in free time?.

When you love what you do all of your time is free. If you mean what I do other than being devoted to sharing positivism and how to live the best life then I enjoy gardening, my family and friends, cooking, community service, my pets, and of course writing.

13. What are your future plans?.

I will publish my first book, Lead with Your Heart, soon and will begin a promotional/speaking tour. For the long term my vision is that Romancing Your Soul will achieve international recognition as an industry leader devoted to providing exceptional personal growth opportunities that assist those who desire to live in peace, personal acceptance, awareness and love.

14. Your message for readers?.

Is posted several times a day on my Face Book blog. Join me and learn to Romance the Soul you are by learning to lead with your heart.

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