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Why is it that as we grow older we stop feeling things less keenly? When we were children everything mattered, what are others doing? Why they are doing? How they are doing? When they are doing? But as we grow, we become more caught up in ourselves. Our problems are the most important things in the world, our future is something that needs our utmost attention and our talk is something that needs to be heard by everyone in the world hence the SNS.

Today, you look around and can find how ridiculous our generation is. We have the best communication methods than ever and yet, we hardly listen to the person sitting in front of us. Whenever there is some social issue, people don’t hesitate to take to facebook or twitter to speak their mind but will they take as quick an action when a person will be dying in front of them. People have turned into key board warriors; it is easy to type few words of encouragement, sympathy and think that the duty is done. Never was caring so easy and stupid. It is like saying, ‘’Ok, I care enough to comment on SNS, but not enough to actually do something about it.’’

It is not caring. It is pretending to be caring to hide how indifferent the world has become. It is not important how or why others are hurting, because we are drowning; drowning in ourselves, drowning in love of our existence, drowning in presenting ourselves as perfect beings. Indifference is new mode de vie. We want others to think nicely of us but we don’t really care how they live; it is give-me-what-I-want-and-just-don’t-bother-me.

May be it is a way of protecting ourselves from over flooding horrible news that we hear every single day. It is the truth, we cannot care for everything we hear and every people we come across, it is not humanly possible. But it is not right to become indifferent to everything. We must not lose the important things with unimportant ones. If we know the things that are important to us, really important, things that are irreplaceable, things that hold us steadily in this crazy world, then perhaps we will not be so indifferent after all. There is the need to know ourselves and set our priorities straight. It is easy to be caught up in trend and forget ourselves and what exactly we want to do in our life but never lose yourself. We wouldn’t want others to be indifferent to us when we need them. Make a down payment with your little goodness today, you might need them tomorrow. Your humble offering might be the link to the better future.


by:  Amna Naeem


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