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In Pursuit Of Happiness…..

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The most talked about subject around the world. Happiness And the mistake people make around the world is to consider happiness as a destination. A place where they have to reach by traveling through the roads of life. Like the children in the back of the car who ask the parents when the family is going somewhere, are we there yet?

The second mistake we make when it comes to happiness is that we relate it to our Moods. We start to link our mood to our happiness. This mistake is made more often than the first one. Mood is an alterable situation. Happiness is not. You can change your mood by taking control. You cannot change the state of happiness that easily. Yet people try. They think if they buy a new car, or get a raise in their salary, they will be happy.

Yes. Temporarily of course. But that is not happiness because your mind will adjust to the new acquisition very quickly and then what? you will be again at square one. Your current expectations will take over your new budget, even if you get a raise in your salary. So, how do we get to happiness..????

Well, you can attain happiness by doing three things. By taking control of your thoughts, your behavior and your actions. Let me explain how.


Start to enjoy the simplest things in life. Start to enjoy people, events, simplicity. Start to enjoy the past by reminiscing the good events. Start to enjoy the future by anticipating positive results. And start to enjoy the present by mindfulness.


Start to be thankful for what family and friends do for you. What Allah does for you. Compare yourself with the less fortunate and you will start to appreciate your life. .


Be positive because it will make your problems look smaller to you and the end result will be that you will be happy. Positivity will keep your thoughts focused. And focus will bring happiness.


Give your time. Give your money. Give your feelings. Give your Talent. Give whatever you have to others and guide them. Share with them. Cause kindness triggers a feeling of happiness. All Psychological studies have shown this.

And at the end EMPATHIZE.

Create an inside feeling of the outside world. Become less judgmental. Feel what others are going through. Understand their life. It will give you a better perspective of understanding your own life. And once you begin to understand your own life, you will begin to understand the essence of happiness.

Author:  Mir Mohammad AliKhan

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