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Improved Dental Experience through Technology

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Technology has come to change the world; technology has revolutionized the dental industry. Technology is making dental care safer and more efficient, and it has improved the patient experience. The dentist can now provide better results due to the integration of technology to the dental industry. Though dental technology is radically changing the way dentist attend to their patients, it is continuously solving the problems that dentist have been experiencing over the years. There are different types of technologies in the dental industry, they all serve a different purpose. Each type of technology has it associated benefits. While some of the benefits are common across all different techniques, for instance, there is improved convenience, effectiveness, accuracy amongst others.

Digital Imaging and Digital X-Rays

This is one the most popular technology in the dental industry. Computers can be utilized to take digital photographs of your mouth. The dentist can access this information at a moment’s notice. That is one of the reasons why an emergency dentist would commonly use it. Modern x-rays are safer compared to their traditional counterparts as they release far less radiation that is capable of harming your health. Current x-rays also save time because they are more efficient thus reducing delays of your dental visit results.

Air abrasion tools

Air abrasion tools are yet another technology that is used to improve your dental visit. These devices are more accurate and enable the patient to have a dental operation in a relaxing position. Moreover, this device can reduce the need to administer anesthesia. This technology is high powered, and it benefits you by being precise.

Dental Machines

When you set foot in a dental facility in Calgary, one thing that they note is the number of machines. These machines perform a critical role in the dental care. Dental facilities have modernized their devices by acquiring computerized machines. Digital machines are powerful. They can be used to mold dental crowns; the result is pinpoint accuracy which means that you will get a perfect fit every time. Before this technology dentist used to rely on their measurement and judgment; there was a greater margin of error.

Dental Laser

During your visits to the dentist, one of the most significant operations that are carried out is cleaning of gums. The technology that is used by the dentist is a dental laser. Before this technology’s introduction to the dental care, the dentist often avoided the operation by a great perspective. This is because it was often rough and painful procedure. The dental laser has eased dental cleaning process. This technology has made it possible to clean the sensitive and delicate regions with ease.

3MTM True Definition Scanner

Often dentists are required to take the impression of the teeth; the 3MTM True Definition Scanner is the new technology that is used by the dentist to perform such operations, this is a revolutionary technology that enables the dentist to efficiently create a unique dental restoration that makes you feel like it is natural teeth. 3MTM True Definition Scanner benefits you by improving your communication; the final results are impressive.

Ultrasonic Scaling Tool

When you walk into your dentist center you expect significant results; the Ultrasonic Scaling Tool is a technological marvel that is meant to improve your dental visit. This is a handheld electronic device, when turned on it vibrate at high speeds, it is used by the dentist to get rid of the deposit that have stuck on the tooth. Better results are realized with this technology, it popular because it is painless experience.

The age of the technology has transformed the way dentist work. The industry has undergone major shifts; the modern equipment has enhanced the field in every aspect. The dentist performs traditional procedures efficiently and safely, through the use of these technologies. The digital imaging x-rays have brought more obvious benefits. During your dental visit, you will see images of your mouth while the dentist is taking pictures. These technologies have numerous benefits, for example, your comfort as well as the dentists. Overall dental technology improves your experience.


by: Angela Pattridge 

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