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Ibrahim Khan: Facebook Success story

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Ibrahim Khan is the Co-founder of HidHydians, recently we talk to him online about their Facebook page and how they started it.

1. What is HidHydians?.

HidHydians basically came out from phrase ‘Hidden talent of Hydians’. The term ‘Hydians’ is used to describe Hyderabadis or people who live or belong to Hyderabad city. The basic motive of starting this initiative was to bring Hyderabad forward in eyes of people to know what our city means to us. Hyderabad is one of the greatest cities of Pakistan and worth visiting and living as its people are honest, humble and welcoming.

2. When you felt that you should make a page like this?.

Last summer in 2012, me (Ibrahim Khan), Omar Qureshi and Uswa Ali – three individuals planned to start up something for our city that represents Hyderabad and its hidden talent and qualities of people. We gathered a team of 20 plus people who were amazing writers, photographers, and designers etc. to bring out something on public forum that Hyderabad is not less than any other city of Pakistan. Personally, I believe it is an underrated city with hidden talent.

3. You are student too then how you find time to update your page?.

Well this is a kind of responsibility you take over your shoulders when you have started something possibly big. You have to make sure you are not fooling thousands of followers on your page because there’s a reason they subscribe to your work. You need to make sure you have to stay active for people because this is how you started it. We manage it somehow and by the time it’s been a year and half, we now have multiple admins to post for us.

4. How many people from your fan page personally know you and you ever try to meet them face to face?.

Hyderabad is a small city with big aims and bigger personalities. I guess one way or another people do find out who we are or from which area we belong. On other hand, we try to socialize with every Hydian so they can be proud to say, ‘’We are Hydians. We are part of HidHydians.’’
Moreover, we do like to meet people because we are all from same place, sharing same home.

5. What kind of content you share on your page?.

Things, news, events about Hyderabad. New initiative started in our city by our people. We try our best to ‘reveal hidden talent of Hyderabad’. Although, sometimes you will also find our posts off-the-topic, where we try to socialize through things about Pakistan or norms of society. In short, we try to communicate with our people in best way we can.

6. You have your Facebook page only or you using other social networking sites too?.

Apart from Facebook we are on Twitter @HidHydians and we have a website for our blogs and pictures too. Although, it is down presently for maintenance.



7.  On which social network site you think you received good response from your fans?.


8. It was a team idea or you only think of this idea and started alone and then others join you?.

Me, Omar and Uswa started to plan it as I mentioned above. Then other people started joining us. Now we have a team of more than 40 people.

9. There are two Hyderabads one is in India and one is Pakistan so you have fans from both sides or just from one side?.

One side – from Pakistan obviously. This is our home town and this is where we belong. Proud Hyderabadis.

Q10. How you see the social media future in Pakistan?.

After HidHydians, I personally feel Pakistanis now consider social media more important than just an entertainment facility. I have seen a lot of Pakistanis starting their initiatives of photography, event management, publishing, clothing line, printing etc. through social media.  So it is going to be a successful medium in near future.

11. Mostly teenagers come on facebook and just waste their time, what you will suggest them how they use facebook so that they can learn some thing positive?.

Everyone has some interests and passions and I guess everyone can start with any initiative. It’s not always about chasing money or fame but for your self-interest and recognition. If you believe you are good at something, there’s no fault in giving a shot to it. Probably, we are an example now after a year or so that a lot of Hydians know what HidHydians is.

12. How students can get advantage from Facebook?.

It is an easy way of communication and grouping in whatever way you can. It’s now up to you how better or worse use you make from it. I guess everyone can study, do something creative and socialize in real terms using Facebook.

Q13. What is your future plan where you want to take your Hidhydians fan page?.

We want to represent and reveal people of Hyderabad showing how amazing our city is. Some day in future we want to contribute in supporting it and making it a way bigger than it is. Hyderabad is one of the beautiful cities which lack resources.

Q14. Your message for  your fans and readers?.

Always believe you are one of the few chosen people on earth and do whatever you feel like you can do. Never forget your roots and hometown. Love Hyderabad. Long Live Pakistan!

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  • very good achivements , i like very much and all kind of questions are important and good for others too.
    goahed for more and more for hyderabad and for peopel of hyderabad.
    also do mention nana abba’s services for the nation from hyderabad,
    wish you good luck and all the Best ever….
    prof.dr.Aftab Ahmed khan.

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